Obj file do not have material color when imported to Blender 2.8

Hello ROBLOX Developer Community!

I am trying to put the model I’ve made that was been exported from Union to Blender so I could optimize them before importing it back to Roblox.

The obj file did work and it was showing it to Blender, however it doesn’t have correct colors on them and it’s just a plain singular color.

Here’s my folder directory:

Here’s what my imported obj file to Blender look like:

Here’s what the mtl file content look like:

I’ve been trying to search this problem and could not find any help.
Most of them told that to use UV Mapping but does not fix my problem :frowning:

How would I fix this issue? Thanks!

If it had an image as a texture re-export it from studio, it’s a well known bug of studio. But if it had a color from mesh properties as texture then sike that will never happen.

Thank you for your reply and gave me some hint to figured out the problem.

So problem was i was exporting a multi colored union into 1 singular obj file which will not and will only export as 1 plain color.
I seperated the union and selected the seperated colored parts and clicked Export Selection which finally work