.obj importer plugin issues

So I’ve been playing around with the old .obj importer plugins and I’ve been running into the issue where it only imports one triangle/wedge from the subdivided square,
So basically I’m trying to save time by sculpting a plane in blender and then importing it’s obj data into roblox.
The plugin i’m using is SlenderTracker's .obj Importer - Roblox
And in blender, It looks like this


and this is what gets imported to roblox

They’re old plugins, anyone here with experience or knowledge of what am I doing wrong?
Help appriciated :slight_smile:


I have had this issue too. The main reason I find this to happen is when you have gaps or one sided faces. I would try to go into blender and turn the terrain into a more a box rather than a plane.

If you want a plugin to import OBJ files as Roblox studio triangles I highly recommend XAXA’s plugin:

I used to use the old ones and they had issues aswell.