Object and World Space positioning

Hello, brief issue here.

I’d like to place a clone (a model) infront of me just slightly and have it facing forward as I am. I understand somewhat that simple placement based off my own torso will just be using the world’s space, so it seems operating locally would work around this.
I am not sure how I would make it rotate toward the direction I’m facing. Also, I’ll be doing more than one clone so I need a way to move them to the side, or just on an axis in general. I didn’t understand the dev’s forum usage of the translators ToObjectSpace, ToWorldSpace, PointToObjectSpace, PointToWorldSpace, VectorToObjectSpace, and VectorToWorldSpace, so a lot of my attempts seem silly or simple with lacking parts.
I’m not sure if changing just the torso of a humanoid model will rotate it entirely, if setting the torso as the primary part and arranging it with SetPrimaryPartCFrame is better, CFrame.new(pos, look at), or other methods, but I’ve been trying to work out a solution in many different ways and I’m starting to wear myself out

A few of my attempts:

Clone:MoveTo(torso.Position + Vector3.new(0, 0, -4) --lacks direction facing
Clone:MoveTo(torso.Position + (torso.CFrame.lookVector * 2)) -- torso = the player's torso; doesnt face the right way

Clone.SetPrimaryPartCFrame(torso.CFrame * CFrame.new(Vector3.new(0, 0, -4)))

MoveTo uses a position, which can’t have rotation. CFrames have both position and rotation, so you’ll need to set the CFrame instead. This code will move the model to 4 studs in front of the player’s torso.

Thanks, it worked!

How exactly would I do this utilizing the above translators?

I have only used object/world space once, so I’m not exactly sure. But here is a link to where someone else explains it: What does ToObjectSpace() and ToWorldSpace() do?