Object animate doesn't work(?)

Hi, i don’t know how to describe this but,
i am trying to animate an object (fbx)
but then, i came across this problem that only affected a specific part.
it makes the whole rig rotate

here’s the vid about the situation:


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Hello Kai! Check to see what objects the Primary Part is !! also, check to see if anything is anchored that should not be.

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Hello! Thanks for replying : )
The primary part doesn’t seem to be related by the problematic part. It’s set as default to RootPart

Something in the part u rotating is probably anchored or can Collide !!

I have set canCollide and Anchored to false to every single part but it still doesn’t fix the issue

Also, make sure the Root is anchored !! , and can you send me a picture of the thing u are trying to Rotate ???

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:open_mouth: Thank you!!! The issue got solved