Object Browser Missing Object

If I understand the object browser it suppose to show every instance and class.

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The Player instance does not show up in the object browser anymore

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Every Time

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(Players is in their but not Player)



I understand this is reall reall really really low down on the priorities list but the object browser is an extremely useful tool and often times more efficient than the wiki


Hi VineyardVine,

Sorry for the late response. Our engineering team is definetely investigating this issue. We do not have an ETA at this time for when a fix will be out by but we will be keeping this thread updated once when we receive more information.

Developer Relations Team


It’s been over a year since this thread was created and this still hasn’t been fixed? It used to be there at one point, I’m not sure why it ever disappeared.

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It’s been over two years since this thread was created and this still hasn’t been fixed? Has this accidentally fallen out of the pipeline or is this purposefully being neglected?


It has been five years, this issue is really troublesome yet it still hasn’t been fixed

Thanks for the report. Checked with the team, it appears the Object Browser is currently not being prioritized.

While improving this feature and fixing up bugs like this is definitely something the team wants to consider in the future, it would require a significant amount of dedicated focus to bring the feature as a whole up to scratch, and so it is currently not on the roadmap unfortunately.

We recommend using the Developer Hub / documentation site to learn more about classes and their API for the time being.


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