Object from Blender to ROBLOX without textures

I am learning how to create UGC items, but I have stumbled upon an issue, which I think might be common, but I wouldn’t know.


I have created a model with textures using a simple method, UV mapping with a color palette to start with basic modelling.


Whenever the wavefront object (.obj) is imported to ROBLOX through the asset manager, it imports perfectly onto a block rig (position at 0,0,0, but without its textures.

I have followed a video and has some experience with Blender through graphical designing.

Is there something I am missing?

This is a very simple fix, just go to the propties tab > textureID and add the image!

I feel stupid… I forgot the meshes already come with their textures. I just had to get it from the developer tab.

Thank you very much!

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