Object glitches from far away

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I’m trying to make a space game where planets and stars are visible from far away.

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The object glitches when rotating the camera from far away

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I haven’t found anything so far

Additional Information:

Object’s size, position and values:
Screenshot 2022-07-23 204829
Screenshot 2022-07-23 204854

Rough camera position and values:

It’s way too far away. When stuff gets too far away it glitches and flickers about.

So I’m guessing there is no way around it right?

The way around it is by making them closer. Why does it even have to be that far away?

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Using huge distances makes objects glitchy.
Since your camera is at Position.X 45252 and the planet is at Position.X -180000 you can bet that has something to do with it.
Also Roblox’s rendering makes items less detailed the farther away from the camera you get.

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I’m going try to change up some things then

I managed to fix it by changing the special mesh size from 150000,150000,150000 to 9000,9000,9000

I’m pretty sure this is the floating point precision error, Jabrils made a good video explaining why this happens.

funny thumbnail makes me go hahaha

You could add a Mesh instance by pressing Ctrl + i combination and searching typing mesh. After the mesh is inserted, select it and set the MeshID value to the mesh ID of your sphere.



Now, you can also set the RenderFidelity property, and this is what will actually fix the issue for you.

Make sure the property is set to Precise, not automatic or performance. This will force the game to render the object at full quality regardless of the distance from the camera. You can read about it here.

This way you also don’t have two separate instances (the BasePart and Specialmesh) to represent your planets, and instead you only have one (Mesh).

I hope this helped.
Good luck.