Object skipping frames/ teleporting when moving with high velocity on client end

So I made this Basketball Shooting script, things looks perfect on the server end, since what I mostly do is press Test instead Play and the ball will shoot itself. But after I put a player in, the ball starts skipping frames at the last step where I use Linear Velocity to make the ball have more physics bumping off the rim. Since using Lerp or Tween is basically teleporting, and the ball gets stuck into rim sometimes if they should’ve collided. Or maybe I will just have to calculate every bounce off the rim and tween everything? Also, I know there’s the EgoMoose script for basketball, but the arc is just too high, and I don’t really know how to modify it :frowning: so i end up trying to make my own.

Here’s how it looks on the Server End:
(the shot right here has a 65% chance of making)

Here’s how it looks on the Client End:
(the shot right here has a 100% chance of making, just to show how it’s skipping frames/teleporting)