Object that respawns a resource

So I am trying to figure out how I can make a “barrel” spawn 1 wood every 30 seconds and have the amount of wood buildup if left, until the player interacts with the barrel to collect the stored wood.

My issue is I am using ProfileService and it appears I cannot “FireClient” data to the local scripts in workspace in the same way I can to the ScreenGui local scripts.

So my question is, how can a send data from my player profile stored in ProfileService to a local script inside the workspace. This localscript handles 2 GUIs inside the barrel model that track the amount of wood available and call the function to update values when interacted with

This is what ReplicaService is for:

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Okay after looking over this for a day it appears this is the solution but I cannot wrap my head around their example or find any good tutorials so Ill just have to ditch ProfileService all together, apparently its to advanced for me at this time. Thankyou for the response!

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