Objects are freeze entire character and themselves for clients, but not server (physics-based)

Hello. I’m trying to make little game. While doing it, I run into a problem with physics. Randomly, loose items can freeze entire character, and can not.

(Video with issue) (laggy bc of pc)

(How it should be)
This issue seems to appear randomly, bc bombs can freeze character for ENTIRE game session, and sometimes they won’t.

About character:

My character uses rope constraints for 4 balls, which are Targets for arms and legs. This balls also have AlignPosition constraint, which exist to keep them near best position (but this constraint is low-power)

About bombs:

Dark grey constraints are inactive.
HoldRope is Spring which exist for keeping object floating near character’s head.
BodyForce - is anti-gravity constraint

Can someone tell me, why this can occur?

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