Objects disappearing on client side

I have made a script for a cutscene that uses camera manipulation. What is very strange however is that when I test it (In studio and in game) the objects of the second part of the cutscene are just not there on client side. This includes scripts, parts, meshparts and textures. Only the models remain. The server-side works fine though. I don’t understand because I have checked all my scripts and could not find something that might cause this. As far as I know no localscript can delete any object within workspace even when the change is made locally. I suspect this is a bug but I am not entirely sure.

I have tried changing the parenting and the name of the folder it is in. I don’t know what else I could try. I also checked some forums but as far as I know nobody has had this issue so far.

I suspect it has something to do with the degraded performance that is going on right now. But that is only what I think of course.

Does anybody know a solution or a cause to this? If so please let me know. It is really infuriating as I can’t continue my work because of it.

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it will be nice if we had a bit more details on the issue but i can tell you few solutions for stuff just not there in client side.

streaming enabled could be an issue of that whole issue because its suppose to do that check if you have streaming enabled on in workspace properties and to fix this you may play around with model streaming options such as adding persistance or even persistance player.

now i dont know if streaming enabled was even a thing in 2021 but give it a try

i cant lie to you i dont know if this guy is gonna see this 2 years later…


doesn’t matter since other people can always take a peak

True, but I’m sure the best solution for them right now would be not moving the camera so far away from the character, or if they need StreamingEnabled, hack together their own streaming system.

for me the best option will be to make the objects just persistant or persistant per player or just make streaming enabled at higher rate there are situations like when the game begins the starter gui its like character is on a diffrent place while the camera is looking on a map or something if you know what i mean. at this point ill use the RequestStreamAroundAsync function normally that should do the job in the end you can always set the streaming enabled on models that way they always stream if nothing works