Objects have different physics speeds with high threadcount

this is something I’ve only noticed since releasing the alpha for my game, but it seems objects in my game have a difference in their physics speed.
For example;
This is how the game runs should run

please note the speed of casings, as it changes drastically here;

I understand that there will be a difference between machines performance, and also that the game is running a large number of function simultaneously, but I am experiencing similair issues just between studio and the client. Studio seems to run it effortlessly, while the client will start fast and gradually slow down, and even then, its only some parts, such as casings and monster’s torso (despite their limbs moving at normal speed)

I’m trying to find ways of optimizing the game, but it’s just odd how much of a difference there is, considering everything is handled locally.

Is there anything I can be doing extra to ensure that physics is more consistent across different plays?

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When you say “physics of casings” do you mean that the casings are unanchored and use ROBLOX physics, or are you still manually setting their CFrame every heartbeat/renderstep?

Do you have non-rendering-dependent code that you run every frame in RenderStepped instead of Heartbeat? It could help improve performance if you moved that to Heartbeat instead.

Do you have any heartbeat/renderstepped code that assumes fixed time increments instead of using the delta argument or actual passed time?

Additionally, since this seems related to performance:

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Casings only have their velocity changed, damaging projectiles are the only things handled by script.
Ah, I’ll try and get one in a minute, its a little finicky because it only happens to me sometimes.
And the only parts with issues I see is where I change a part’s velocity property, and even then it is for a single call.
I’ve been using renderstepped, but I’ll try and seehow heartbeat improves things.
Edit: I’m also unsure which sub-category this should be placed under

I keep seeing this
every few games
And a small vid of how the changes affect thing

When I shoot the enemy, limbs move as expected, but the torso slows right down.
I didn’t manage to capture the Dump profile, it allowed me to open the dump menu, but nothing happened when I clicked on 32 :confused: