Object's hitbox is broken

I modeled a pipe and added a BodyForce to allow objects to pass through it. However, even though there is nothing to obstruct its movement inside the pipe, it stops moving after a certain point. I tried using a union, thinking there might be something I can’t see, but it still can’t pass through. When I checked its hitbox using the “Mesh Optimization Tool,” I noticed an object that prevents passage through the pipe after a certain point. Despite trying to union again, I can’t get rid of this object. What approach should I take?

i.e. it appears as empty in short, but when I look at it with plugins, it is full.

Tweak MeshPart.CollisionFidelity from Default to PreciseConvexDecomposition

it’s not a “mesh” it consists of union parts

Then change the Union.CollisionFidelity from Default to PreciseConvexDecomposition

thank you, the problem that I have been dealing with for 2 hours is solved with 1 click, on the one hand, it is funny, on the other hand, it makes you sad

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