Objects not casting shadows?

I’ve been playing around with lighting since FiB 2.5 and I am making a scene which could do with some dramatic shadows, but the parts don’t seem to be casting shadows. I would like the shadows the parts cast to look like the shadow the Player is generating in the screenshot below, but I’m unsure of how to go about this-

Lighting settings:

My graphics settings are also set to manual and maxed out

The problem exists in Studio playtests and also in-game when played regularly from the website. Is this even possible to achieve on the current ROBLOX engine?

On a similar note, is there any way for parts/players to cast shadows from spot/pointlights that I can place throughout my scene? I’ve been experimenting with this too but have had little success with this as well.

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if you want defined shadows, i suggest you use shadowmap, as that is most likely what you want to use
(also dont forget to check if “CastShadow” in the parts in question is enabled or not)


Enable “CastShadow” on the model’s Property Settings.

I forgot to change the lighting from Voxel to Shadowmap (oops). By the way- is there any way to get dynamic shadows like that (e.g. from pointlights/surfacelights/spotlights?)

sadly there is not(at least to my knowledge)

but if the source of light isnt dynamic you can always trick around with black (color3(0,0,0)) parts that sort of simulate shadows

I heard they are going to enable ShadowMap on PointLights, SurfaceLights and SpotLights on FiB Phase 3, so keep a look out for those!