ObjectValue.Value resetting?

I’m not quite sure if this is the right section as this could be studio bug.

All the ObjectValue instances in my game are turning to nil upon testing. I don’t have any code that does this as far as I’m aware. Could it be bugging out because of the server situation? (It’s been happening for the past ~4 hours.)

Here’s the ObjectValue while editing in studio.

and here’s the same ObjectValue while testing in studio.
.Value is nil?

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I don’t know but are you setting values from a script? If so then if you are doing it from a client script then it will not replicate if you are trying to access it from the server. If not I would use Find Results to try and find anything in scripts that may be causing this.

Edit: It is an object value, so it may need to be changed by the script again. just type

MyValue.Value = game.Workspace.This.Is.The.Value

In a server or client script

This is happening, as the gui from StarterGui gets copied over to Players.PlayerGui, but for you it doesn’t work, so you could try to set it with a script.
And what’s so weird about it, when I tried this; by doing the following:
image image
The game stored the value inside both

  1. StarterGui
  2. and PlayerGui

Just noticed I’d accidentally deleted the model containing the referenced objects. The error’s completely from my part. (would be nice if studio removes the ObjectValue.Value if the Value had been erased).

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So is the problem resolved? Just making sure! If the problem still persists tell us! I am wondering what you are building, is that for the next video?

By the way, I also like your videos!