[Obsolete] Smooth zoom with vehicle compatible

Note: this has now been fixed in the Roblox camera scripts.

After the “smooth zoom” has launched, it does not support vehicles anymore and you cannot zoom out when you drive the car.
So I modified the script to make it work.


What I changed is the “Popper” module

In the original script, it use a table (“blacklist”) to store all players’ character as the ignore list.
What I do is to add all parts inside the vehicle in the table (Line 57-61)
The function GetH is to detect if the player is seated

  • When the player sit, OtherBlackList will become the table storing all the parts inside the vehicle
  • When the player leave the seat, OtherBlackList will become an empty array.
    At last, it call the function at line 81 to refresh.

How to use
Get this, ungroup them and put them in StarterPlayerScript


:confused: Did roblox break buying free models? I click ‘Get’ and nothing happens.

RIP, maybe just download the asset directly lol

We ostensibly fixed the can’t-zoom-out-in-a-vehicle issue in the last release. Are you still encountering this with unforked player scripts?

Oh, I am really sorry about that. I type the draft few days ago and I don’t know it was fixed already.