OBST Official Handbook


Oak Builders Security Team

This handbook is written by the Leadership+ of Oak Builders Security Team.

Here we have a few simple rules to follow. They’re very easy to follow and as such violations will be punished fairly strictly.

Do note that we have NOTHING to do with Pinewood Builders.

General Rules

Here are some simple rules to follow while on duty as OBST:

  • Do not exploit.
  • Do not harass others.
  • Do not misuse chat (such as spamming, doxxing, etc.)
  • You must give a warning before using lethal force on a visitor.
  • Glitches that give an advantage during combat are not allowed.
  • You cannot team with OBRT.
  • You cannot meltdown the core on duty.
  • You cannot attack OBST or OBET members.
  • Do not impersonate HRs or administration.
  • You cannot use your rank as leverage against other security member.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q: When can I use lethal force?
A: If they are on-duty as OBRT, have attacked either you or another security member, or have been marked “KOS” by the event host, then you may attack them without warning. Otherwise, you must give atleast one or more warnings before attacking.

Q: When can I warn someone?
A: You may only warn someone if they have done actions which are directly against the mission of OBST. An example would be using core controls to intentionally destabilize the reactor.

Q: Can you kill security members who attacked you?
A: You are allowed to defend yourselves against those who have intentionally attacked you.

Q: What do I do if I see someone violating?
A: Report them to OB HRs. Refer to section 7 on how to do so.

Q: Can I apply for HR?
A: No, you must 1) get the points and 2) pass consensus. No exceptions!

Q: What do I do if I see a HR abusing?
A: Immediately direct-message either Alpha or the HoS. They will sort out the issue.

Q: Are autoclickers allowed?
A: No.

Q: Should I be in VC during patrols?
A: It is advisable, but not required.

Q: If someone kills me, can I run up to them and kill them immediately without warning?
A: Revenge killing is not acceptable. You must warn them before using lethal force (unless they patrolling as OBRT)

Q: Can I test my weapon on my friend?
A: If he/she consents, then yes.

Q: Can I kill someone that’s being annoying to me?
A: No.

Q: If I’m in my own private server, do I have to follow the handbook?
A: If you own the server, we do not care if you break the handbook.

Ranks & Requirements

Trainee → Default Rank.

Corporal → 25 Points Required + Evaluation

Specialist → 50 Points Required + Minor Consensus

Senior Specialist → 100 Points Required + Minor Consensus

Captain (TBD)

Lieutenant → Handpicked for evaluation

Trainer → Handpicked by Head of Security+

Head of Security → Handpicked by Owner

Event Information

Here are some of the most common events you find at OBST:

  • Training: The staple of a security group, usually lasts 20-30 minutes. You can earn 5 points maximum.

  • Mega Training: A normal training but extended. Usually 30+ minutes. You can earn up to 10 points.

  • Combat Training: Essentially the same as a normal training, but the host only does combat-like activities. 6 points maximum.

  • Patrol: Fight OBRT and keep the core stable. Lasts 20-30 minutes at most, you can earn 5 points.

  • Mega Patrol: The same as a patrol but more points. 30+ minutes.

  • Gamenight: You can earn up to 2 points, usually 30+ minutes.

How to act at a patrol?

  • It is recommended to join 10 minutes early, but joining a few minutes late is still acceptable.
  • Upon joining, set your rank tag to OBST and STS at the OBST HQ. Make sure to grab all the equipment you need! Ensure that you have a uniform equipped too! (uniforms not official yet)
  • Listen carefully to the host’s briefing, as this has important information about the patrol.
  • When patrolling, follow the handbook and do your best! Listen to your host for directions, as these will maximize your team’s efficiency.
  • After the patrol has ended, STS at OBST HQ and wait for the host to log your points.
  • DO NOT leave until the host says so, as the host still has to log your points. Not doing so may lead to no points being awarded.
  • Follow the handbook! Violations may lead to point deductions and even moderation action (depending on severity).

How to do self-training?

  • TBD

Reporting guide, and misc.

  • TBD

Written by stuff_today1234B, Gandhi20, and the rest of the trainer team.
Questions? Thoughts? Concerns? Feel free to DM stuff_today1234B on discord or Roblox.

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