Obtaining all ages recommendation: non violent weapons? Why are robots considered violent?

Hey. I can’t get an all ages reccomendation because my game depicts robots fighting with swords. If I switch to defensive swords that are only used for blocking, say falling rocks off a cliff, can I get back my all ages rating? I went from 600 players two days ago to 50 now that my guidelines for infrequent mild violence were rejected.

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Roblox says in their guidelines, 17+ experiences on Roblox may include graphic and realistic-looking depictions of violence. If you have blood, violence or gore that is realistic such as a robot with a realistic looking sword fighting someone & killing them then that could be considered violence. You could most likely get your rating back if you went for only blocking but it really depends on if the swords are too realistic and what they are fighting against.

There is no killing. Nothing is realistic. The swords are all toy looking. Not sure what to do.