Oculus Quest 2 unstable rendering

In our game, VR players playing on the new beta Oculus Quest 2 client (NOT desktop/studio through a headset link) experience lots of visual jittering and instability in a way that is disorienting and ruins the player experience.

This jittering seems to be partially affected by turning the camera left/right (in first person mode). So for example if you experience the jittering and then rotate the camera using the right thumbstick, the jittering might stop (temporarily, though if you move your character around it might start again).

I tried using the Quest’s recording feature to show the visual jittering, but the video capture does not have it (which suggests to me that part of the issue is more on the really weird hardware / rendering code side of things).

Here is the recording made on the Quest (the issue is not occurring):

Here is an external recording I made using my phone (the issue is occurring):

I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue in an isolated test game yet.

Our actual game (Realistic Hand RP 🖐🤏 [🔨New Beta Features!] - Roblox and Realistic Hand RP 🖐🤏 Without VR - Roblox) does some complicated physics stuff with the player character which may be part of the cause of the issue. (Disabling default joints and replacing them with other joints, CFraming the entire rig on Stepped, welding additional parts to the rig, etc.)


Thanks for the report; We’ll follow up when we have an update for you;

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