Odd Behavior on changing a Team's Colour

In the event you are to change a Team’s Colour when a game’s server is running, whether it be on the Client, Server, In-Studio or In-Game. When the colour is changed. All players on the team will be booted off onto the ‘Neutral’ team, even when the only thing changed was the Team’s colour.

In addition, if the game utilizes the Leaderboard’s stats functionality, the stat bars for the team whose colour was changed, remain the original colour of the team. Even when players are reassigned, and when stats are changed. This can be a problem for games that need to have team colours changed every now and then.


Reproduction on this issue is easy to do.

  1. Create a Team, any name, colour.
  2. Assign LeaderStats to a player. (Only needed for the Stat Colours issue)
  3. Change the colour of the team that contains the player(s).



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This is unavoidable because the actual source of truth for which team a player is on comes from the color. Under the hood, Player.Team reads and writes to Player.TeamColor.

We can’t change this without breaking games.


Even if this is unchangeable, we should at least get a fix for the weird stat colour changing. Besides, wouldn’t a workaround be possible, just to check what players are on a team before changing the colour, and change their teamcolour to the new one?

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