Odd behaviors with R15 Humanoids

Exactly 16 days ago I reported a series of errors that occurred with the R15 Humanoids

Issue #1 Decal invisible or deformed on custom rig (with humanoid) head

Observed Behaviour:

How the head looks like with a humanoid inside the model:

How is it supposed to look like (Humanoid were removed here, so the decal could become fully visible):

Excepted Behaviour:

Decals shouldn’t become fully invisible (or deform) when inserted in a Humanoid head

Reproduction File: DecalRepro.rbxm (417,8 KB)

Decal used in the head: Images/Butterfly_Face_3_4 - Roblox

What i tried so far:

  • Re-parented the decal to the head
  • Cutted and pasted the decal intro the head
  • Re-inserted the same decal in the head, in the same direction
  • Re-inserted the decal in another block (The decal were visible) but, it still being invisible in the head
  • Closing and Re-opening the same place
  • Checked the output, and no warnings or errors
  • Renaming the Decal (used the name face )
  • Changing decal direction (The decal deformed for some reason, see picture below)

All the actions listed above didn’t solved my problem

Issue #2 MeshPart changes its color with the R15 Humanoid

Basically the MeshPart changes its color with the R15 Humanoid see repro files


R6 (this is how it is supposed to look like):


  1. Change the RigType property of the Humanoid (from R6 to R15)
  2. Cut the Humanoid and paste it intro the reproduction model (RightFoot should change its color when theese steps are done). Also you can do the step 1. and instead of re-inserting the Humanoid you can save the model (as a local file), and then inserting the new model (the result is the same)

More Info

Changing the material seems to solve this issue, however this only happens with SmoothPlastic (and Plastic) and trying to change the color to the MeshPart (with the R15 Humanoid, and with Plastic or SmoothPlastic material) it will result in the same problem, and it will not work

  • I tried changing some properties of the MeshPart and the Humanoid, but the result is the same

Thank you


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


It looks like MeshParts named “LeftFoot” or “RightFoot” seems to corrupt (and forcedly change its color to gray), just tested this out in a diferent model wich has MeshParts named “RightFoot” and “LeftFoot”, and i can fully reproduce issue #2

PD: The decal bug still occurring

This issue still happening from my end. This is already scaring me, if the heads are to be migrated to MeshParts, this problem should be solved first, as things like this could happen:

With Humanoid:

Without Humanoid:

This happened today.

I have discovered something interesting: when changing the color of some meshpart (called RightFoot or LeftFoot and inside a Humanoid R15, like the repro file) what happens is that the color becomes much lighter, it is not that the color changes completely.

Sorry for this bump, but I would like someone to test the replication file and show me the results of their attempt, I want to confirm that this error is not coming from my end.