Odd dark pixel only appearing against certain colours in game

I have this shop cart icon, which as you can see in the second picture, has a black line in the circle, while the top image doesn’t have the same black line. The black line only seems to appear against grey/whites, but when the image infront of any other color (brown, green, etc.) then it’s not there.

It’s not the white/greys making it easier to see, as when I go in paint and zoom right in, it’s clearly a dark line on the grey image, while the brown has no dark line

Topic should be moved to #development-support:design-support since you aren’t explicitly dealing with any code work. Also, have you tried modifying the ImageLabel properties enough to make the cart “not skinny”, such as the SizeConstraint to RelativeXX or RelativeYY, or is this not what you’re looking for?

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I don’t want to edit anything from studio (so no changing the sizes of the button, etc.) as I want all 3 buttons to be the exact same sizes

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I think those black outline looks good for those icon you uploaded, those black outline look like shadow of the icon.

But if you still want to remove the black outline, you can try out Pixelfix: Pixelfix: Remove the black edges on scaled images

No, the black in the pictures is just the same image, but 2 pixels lower. I hate the default black outline that image vectors are given

If it is a vector, why not just edit it with some tools (such as Adobe Illustrator)

I had a similar issue, you might to bleed the picture using the software GIMP. Tutorial is here for more information: Fixing images in Roblox ui (black outlines)

Looking at the images it seems like it is part of the image, and is not randomly appearing. The top image is much darker than the bottom image, making it harder to see the outline, however it is still there. This outline is an issue with the image you are using, and you will need to either source a new image or edit this one.