Odd selection box with unions


I’m trying to create a union that renders what I’d call an ‘expected’ selection box (like a rectangle in this case covering the selected part) rather than whatever it’s doing from time to time:

(This is a model and in the screenshot, I’ve selected one of the union objects which has no children attached to it)

I’ve been ignoring this issue as I’ve been able to utilise plugins that ‘fix’ the built-in feature’s orientation (such as the move feature), but animations rely specifically on the built-in features from what I’m seeing, which is currently causing a havoc

I can’t see any properties in both the model and the union that could potentially modify the default selection box that gets created upon the union process.

I couldn’t find any information about this on the web, perhaps I’m just searching for the wrong keywords or missing something obvious here, I’d appreciate any assistance with this.

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I’ve settled with using an ordinary transparent studio part to cover the entire model and using it to manipulate the model via script and animation. although this is a pretty awkward workaround:

Let me know if any more information is required.

I believe the selection box is chosen from the first part selected when making the union or model.


Hello @RMofSBI,

I’ve done some testing and you’re absolutely correct, it’s quite strange it behaves like this…but I can work with this.


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