Odd spike in player counts after a week of no activity

I released my game two weeks ago. It received decent players but concurrent never passed 5. My ratings and player time were good nonetheless. I received about 2.3k players in total. After I stopped advertising in the first week within two days the game started receiving less then 5 visits. All of the sudden I started receiving 70 players a day for about three days now. These players have different behavior.

  1. Roblox waited a week and used that data to determine to recommend the game to other people
  2. Someone sponsored the game (I don’t know if that’s possible)
  3. Someone showed off the game on social media (I doubt because of the ratios between devices and I tried to check for it.)

I have no idea where to post this I tried here since I think this is the right category? This is important for me as I want to know how to move forward in player acquisition for my game. I also hope that the first theory is true because then I can just focus on my improving my game. The game if thats useful

First of all, sponsoring someone else’s game is impossible without the acknowledgment of the owner, I doubt that someone featured your game online but it’s indeedly possible.
70 players, or do you mean 70 joins a day is very low, but judging by your game genre, it could be some old fans or people who searched one of your tags and scolled extremely down. I’m not here to criticize your creation but the game feels as if it’s badly made and a copy of other western games. Finally, I’m going to give you a tip, you should try to reach a peak concurrent amount of players instead of daily plays. And in order to do that, I suggest you to blow over 5000 Robux on your game on a single day and try to get as much content creators to feature your game.
The benifits of a high peak:

  • Makes the players who played on that day think that the game is actually popular

  • Have a higher chance for roblox to put you on Up-And-Coming

  • Showing a concurrent peak seems much more promising than an ancient play count that values little.
    Try to get a HUGE spike instead of daily communities.

My question really was if the roblox algorithm worked in my favor but I didn’t really expect an answer for that. I mean 70 joins a day which yeah sounds bad but considering the past week I got between 0-1 it makes no sense. The game is really 2 weeks old as before I never tried to show it to anyone. I have never heard anyone say it feels like a badly made copy of western games. Its an interesting view point but odd because the feature sets are completely different as well as the loop. Did you see cars and airships as well as quests those aren’t really all that common in western games. For the advertising strategy you recommended we were planning to do that exact plan about a week from now. Its good to hear from someone that it actually works. Thanks for your reply it brings great insight for me.

Np! Just keep in mind maybe you’ll need to upgrade the banner section. More detailed screenshot, GFX or demo video would be very much appreciated by the players. And yes, the roblox algorithm probably put your game higher on the search page.

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