Off-Road Trails Legacy : Game Mechanics/Rules ARCHIVED

XPLOR Off-Road Trails

This post shares infomation on how to use the features/aspects from XPLOR Trails

Car Usage

How to spawn in vehicles

To spawn in a vehicle you have to walk into the garage (see below for image) and click on the guy to bring up the spawner menu. In the spawner menu you have a variety of vehicles to choose from and when you see a vehicle you like, click the spawn button and your car will spawn inside or to the left of the garage.

How drive vehicles

All the vehicles in the game are manual (which means you have to shift up and down yourself) and the vehicles start in neutral so to start the vehicle you have to shift up (E) to get into first gear. If you want to reverse you have to shift down (Q) till you are in reverse. There is a speedomiter to the right of your screen which tells you your speed (Mph) and what gear you are in.

How to use the winch

All the vehicles in the game have a winch on the front (some are invisible but they are still there) and can be used by clicking on them, which brings up a menu. Note that only the person who spawned the car can use the winch. The winch can only attach to objects (like in real life) and cannot be attached to terrain or people. To attach the winch click the attach button (see below for image) and then click on the object you want to attach to. Once attached click winch in and if you want to stop the winch, click stop winch. If you are no longer in need of the winch, click detach winch. If you are winching other vehicles make sure to press the anchor button (on the left of your screen) otherwise your vehicle could glitch out. Abusing the winch in any way will get you kicked or banned (randomly winching onto other vehicles to glitch them, etc).


Unfortunately slots have been removed due to people abusing the system or using stolen assets. Slots will not be coming back anytime soon (as to my knowledge), but more big updates are planned!



P: Exit
E: Engine
C: Camera
W: Speed Up
S: Speed Down
Mouse: Move
A: Control

Other notes

The planes stall speed is 48 knots.
The planes max speed is 110 knots.

Please don’t crash into people and please use the planes in their intended way.


Follow these


If you need any help join the games discord (In the games desc, +13).

Any type of exploiting will not be tolerated and will receive a permanent ban from the game.

Make sure to have fun and keep on mudding! :blue_car: