Off-sale Asset shows up as on-sale in mobile app Catalog

The Issue
As a Roblox developer, and shirt buyer, I’ve found something to be irrelevant and not beneficial when it came to buying something off the mobile website.
The bug appears like this, and it may likely fool a user that the accessory is still on-sale, when you search a shirt accessory for your avatar, there would be multiple results, but some are actually offsale.

My Experience
As of today, I went on to the catalog to search for a certain type of shirt, but then I found this certain shirt, and caught my interest, it said in the outside it costs 10 :robux:, though when I pressed the accessory to purchase it, I found out that it was originally offsale, which made me a little bit disappointed.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Search up the name of a random shirt accessory
  • Try looking for shirts that appear to be on-sale on the outside, but in the inside when you review them, there actually off-sale.

When was this bug discovered?
-11:31 PM Sunday, August 2, 2020 Philippine Time


  • Apple Iphone XS max

Proof of Bug

Notice when I pressed the ‘aerial man(hard hat 4 shirt) it appears to be on-sale in the catalog, but when reviewed more closer you’ll find it to be off-sale.

Link to the offsale shirt, that appear on-sale in catalog.

If Roblox could address this issue, it would be helpful for buyers as they won’t bump in shirts that are really off-sale but appear on-sale in the catalog.

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This is happening on pc/the website too, however it seems at least on my end that visiting a broken shirt (eg: says it is onsale on the catalog) will do some sort of cache refresh and fix itself to properly display that it is offsale once you refresh the catalog page, however it will stay displayed on the catalog even if unavailable items is set to hidden (as seen with spike man hard hat 3 in this image)

I have had a similar issue happen on my clothing group a while in the past, where some of my clothing would say it was onsale on the preview/catalog, and could be purchased via game dialogs, but the page for the clothing itself said it was offsale (quick edit: I want to clarify that in my example I had the clothing set to onsale. Putting it to offsale and back onsale again didn’t fix the bug.) I’m wondering if this is the same issue.

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I am in the process of checking over bug reports and following up on some bugs that haven’t received any activity in a while.
Is this issue still occurring or can you confirm that this bug has been resolved?

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As of now, I’m no longer experiencing this bug.

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Alright, we will consider this issue resolved. If it starts happening again please post another bug report so we can look into it.


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