Off-site Subscriptions for exclusive perks?

I’ve recently noticed a game that restricts certain in-game zones and items behind a pay-wall which needs to be paid with real money which is done through a discord as a subscription, I’m wondering if this is allowed on Roblox?

How it works:
The game has a linked discord server, through this server a monthly subscription can be purchased with real money (around ~$20) via PayPal or other methods. This gives the user a special role in both the Discord and a Roblox Group which lets them access an in-game only subscriber zones with only subscriber items which then leads to users selling these items to non subscriber players with in-game currency.

Is all of this allowed?

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I highly doubt this is allowed for multiple reasons:

  • Roblox does not allow any third party transactions in exchange for in-game items or accessing an area.
  • Advertising your Discord server to potentially underage users is not allowed, as it breaks Discord’s Terms of Service.

I highly suggest you report the Roblox game and the people behind it so appropriate actions are taken against them.


Thank you for the quick reply, I’ll be taking your advice and reporting them.

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