Off-topic responses on "Constantly getting disconnected from Team Create"

Happening to me as well. RIP roblox studio as of now.

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Currently experiencing this issue as well with Roblox Talent Show.


I am also unable to view games created by me. Same error!

I am having a similar issue that occurred after I enabled studio API access to work on datastores.
It gave me this error even though it is not a team create. I can play my game through a tab that I have open, but all my games are gone from the website.

When I try to configure to place settings or game settings from studio or the website, I get a 400 error.


Also having the same issue. Did someone find the solution yet?

Roblox’s GameAPI is down. This means viewing games like that, AKA experiences, or editing them isnt able to be done. Hopefully they fix this soon.

At least I think thats what the API is called.

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I couldn’t publish anything thus me losing all my data. It was a 5 hour one sitting build, lost.

RIP. Lost all my work. :pensive:

what do we do now :shock:

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If it autosaved your fine. Hopefully it did otherwise, dont give up.

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Me too! I cant save my work. To make matters worse, I can’t even report it cause I am not a regular.

Yeah I’m having this error too

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Currently checking all my place file folders, don’t seen any results. :frowning:

The errors weren’t there beforehand, and the DataStore script was not tampered with.

I think their API is down, sadly everyone has this issue. Hope no other developer lost their progress. :pensive: :crossed_fingers:

Are you repeatedly pressing playtest? Doing it too fast will create that error. Happens to me alot.

Only save files will open. HTTP stuff and datastores are no longer working in Studio. Are datastores everywhere broken even out of studio?

Same I am also getting data errors and it wont let me in.
Data and stuff does work fine in the actual game. Studio is just acting funny. I also never enabled team create so the errors are very odd.

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Nope, there’s nothing that would or should cause this error as far as I’m aware!

There are the same errors for everyone else.

Not only that, for me my games on my profile don’t have the join access or display at all.