Offering French translation

Hey developers!

Inspired by @Ysko’s post.
As Roblox continues to expand internationally, we have much more players from all around the world.
I am offering my service as a French translator for your projects on Roblox. As French is my native language (C2 level), I can deliver a high quality work tailored to your needs. I recently localized the games from many devs they can vouch the quality guarantee of my works.

Translated games

Pricing has to be negotiated however, most of the time I will charge €0.13/R$30 per entries/cells with Paypal if possible.

The French community of Roblox is growing really fast so I think it may be a good oppurtunity to get more players in your games!

If you are interested and want to get your game translated to reach Baguette Land contact me on discord !


Jem apples InhxIed, baguette tour d Eiffel crêpes. If you did not understand my advanced French I said “Hello I am InhxIed, nice to meet you!” (No hate/racism intended.) Jokes aside, can’t wait till more users like you do stuff like this.


Yup yup, I saw Neutre’s post about French translation and I contacted him on discord, he was able to translate the game pretty quickly and everything looks great :smiley:

I’ll update this post later once I have the translations in the game!

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I recently had Neutre do some translation work for me. The turnaround time was fantastic and the translation was excellent. Very professional, recommended, merci Neutre! :baguette_bread::baguette_bread:


Neutre also did some translation for a project I’m working on. I’d highly recommend working with him. :smile: