Office Feedback

I’ve been making an Office type room now, and I was wondering if I could get any ideas, feedback on what I could add next to this room, I feel like it’s a little bland so would be glad for some help.


I think you should rotate the papers on the ground to make it look more like it was just thrown there.

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This office is amazing! And the colour scheme is greatly chosen.
I think you should add ceiling lights in your build too!


Ty for the feedback, I’ve made sure to add ceiling lights


I would consider try making the area feel more alive, most office rooms or buildings include a more brighter color pallet however it most likely depends on what your going to be use for.

To start off, try adding some floor lamps placed in the corners by the desk a small one on the table something to use when your there at night. (E.g. If you lack what to add next or looking for ideas elements to add or place down “search office buildings or rooms”), as you will be presented with a bunch of results that will give you small little ideas to what to add next.

After all it looks like a start - materials, color pallets or sorting decorations, or finding a layout. Always have a few reference images to get some general ideas on what objects are needed, and what makes a office building unique in a sort of way.

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Yes yes that is much better! :+1: