Official Fresh Handbook

:palm_tree: Welcome to Fresh!

This is the handbook for Fresh employees (Baristas and Lead Baristas) as well as the MR ranks. We encourage you to use this as a resource while serving at the juice bar or performing your duties as an MR.

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:hibiscus: Rank Duties:

:avocado: Trainee

As a trainee, you should attend a training session in order to be promoted. This is the first LR rank one should receive. This handbook’s information should be really helpful during your training sessions’ trivia sections.

:apple: Barista

As a barista, your job is to help serve customers at the bar. Bar Leaders and MRs will direct you where to go. To become a Bar Leader, you must pass another training session.

:pineapple:Bar Leader

As the highest LR rank, you should help out lower ranks, direct them where to go, and serve customers. Working hard may get you a promotion to Assistant Manager! Good luck: but remember, don’t try hinting, as it’ll only decrease your chances. Instead, try attending shifts or applying when applications open.

:coconut: Recipes

There are sixteen different fruit options for smoothies and bowls. They are:
:cherries: Cherry :strawberry: Strawberry :grapes: Grape :apple: Apple :watermelon: Watermelon :peach: Peach :tangerine: Orange :lemon: Lemon :pineapple:Pineapple :banana: Banana :avocado: Avocado :pear: Pear :kiwi_fruit: Kiwi :mango: Mango :coconut: Coconut :blueberries: Blueberry


For smoothies, all you need to do is grab fruit and ice from the fridge or a minifridge at the bar, then approach a cutting board and cut it, then approach a blender, and interact with it. Wait for it to blend, and serve it to the customer.

:coconut: Bowls

With bowls, the only different or special option is coconut.
For coconuts, make coconut juice: refer to the juice section of this guide.

Otherwise, all you need to do is grab fruit from a fridge or minifridge, approach a cutting board and cut it, and it will be put in a bowl automatically.


For juices, all you need to do is grab fruit from a fridge or minifridge, approach a juicing machine, and use it, wait for it to finish, and grab the cup. Afterward, approach a minifridge or fridge and add ice and a straw.

Thank you for reading the Fresh handbook! More information will be given soon through here.

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