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Welcome to the renowned soda shop Fluxo! In this handbook, we have provided all the helpful resources and important information you might need to help you navigate our group. All the essential links to guides and other documents have been included, however, if you need additional assistance please feel free to get in contact with a member of our notorious staff team via our Discord server who will be more than happy to help you.

Corporate Team


Vice President


Chief Operations Officer

Chief Relations Officer

Chief Staffing Officer

Recipe Guide

You can either find Fluxo’s Recipe Guide here or in the kitchen at the cafe! Some people think it’s easier to have this open rather than having to go back to it at the cafe.

Smoothie: Cup + Fruits/Berries + Yogurt + Ice (optional) + Blender

Flavors: Banana, Blueberry, Mango, Coconut, Peach, Apple, Strawberries

Juice: Cup + Fruits/Berries + Juicer + Ice (optional)

Flavors: Apple, Carrot, Orange, Peach, Mango, Blueberry

Soda: Cup + Fruits/Berries + Juicer + Syrup + Carbonizer + Ice (optional)

Flavors: Apple, Mango, Lime, Lemon, Blueberry, Orange, Peach

Rank Descriptions

Listed below are the exact descriptions of the ranks we offer within Fluxo, explaining what each of them entails and the role they serve within the group. You will notice that they carry out very different tasks according to their status (LR - SHR). This is due to their level of capability and experience working here.

Customer - A customer is a member of the Fluxo group who is here for refreshments. They are people the LR staff serve and look after. Rank limit: Unlimited.

Noted Customer - A noted customer is a friend of the SHR team. They can also be a retired SHR or a famous robloxian. Rank limit: Unlimited.

Awaiting Training - Those with the Awaiting Training rank are people who passed the application and are yet to attend a training session to become a regular staff member. Rank limit: Unlimited.

Junior Barista - Junior Baristas work behind the counter serving drinks to customers. They need 200 points to reach Barista. Rank limit: Unlimited.

Barista - Baristas work behind the counter serving drinks to customers. They need 415 points to reach Senior Barista. Rank limit: Unlimited.

Senior Barista - Senior Baristas work behind the counter serving drinks to customers. Rank limit: Unlimited.

Training Assistant - Training Assistant is the first MR rank. They help out at sessions and assist LR staff in the soda shop. Rank limit: 30.

Supervisor - Supervisors oversee the soda shop, they deal with trollers and people who don’t respect the rules of Fluxo. They can also be a source of information for staff. Rank limit: 25.

Assistant Manager - Assistant Managers help with sessions and assist with issues in the soda shop. They are experienced MR staff members who know what to do in certain scenarios. Rank limit: 20.

General Manager - General Manager is the fourth MR rank. They’re one rank away from HR and are the most experienced out of any MR ranks. They are also the first rank that can host training sessions. Rank limit: 15.

Administrative Officer - Administrative Officer is the first HR rank. They’re very close to choosing a department and they need to start thinking about what department they want to be in when they reach this rank. Rank limit: 10.

Executive Assistant - Executive Assistants are the last HR rank. They deal with high-end cases and report issues they find to the SHR team. Rank limit: 6.

Chief Staffing Officer - Chief Staffing Officers deal with staffing issues and work on training management and help with new staffing policies. Rank limit: 2.

Chief Relations Officer - Chief Relations Officers help with finding allies and hosting events to the public of Fluxo to increase staff happiness and connections to Fluxo staff. Rank limit: 2.

Chief Operations Officer - Chief Operations Officers work on training guides and the whole operational process of Fluxo to improve the way the shop is managed and run. Rank limit: 2.

Developer - Developers work with bringing new updates and features to Fluxo. This includes new games and builds. They’re also tasked with removing bugs or out of date material. Rank limit: Unlimited.

Vice President - Vice Presidents work as the 2nd in command of the corporate office. They are tasked with running the business when the President is unable to and can’t make major changes without the President’s permission. Rank limit: 2.

President - The President is the person who runs the full company. They are tasked with running the corporate team and making major changes to help benefit Fluxo. Rank limit: 1.

Affiliate Guide

There’s a number of things that you must consider before you decide to become an alliance with Fluxo. All of that information will be found here.

Senior Barista Promotion Tips

If you’re currently working as a Senior Barista in Fluxo, you may be wondering how to achieve the next milestone of your career here. We have adopted a recommendation system that involves a member of our certified HR+ team noticing the amount of effort and quality of service you have provided for customers. This can include anything from the correct handling of unhelpful guests or simply answering questions people might have about Fluxo. Listed below are some top tips to help you succeed in the next step of your profession!

  • Try to maintain a high level of activity within the group. Repeatedly going down to the soda shop during a shift or engaging in our Discord server will give you a great chance of approval from a higher rank - do not spend a ridiculous amount of time at the cafe once and then never come back. The key to getting promoted is being consistent in your activity.

  • Always attempt to be as accommodating and welcoming towards customers, whether they are new or regular using a positive greeting. Be patient when waiting for their replies and offer them help wherever you are able to. The same goes for customers who might be causing trouble. Deal with them in a polite and appropriate manner before asking a higher rank for assistance.

  • Never try to ‘hint’ for a promotion. Hinting can be telling people how hard you’ve worked, or how much you want to be ranked up. If you are caught saying things such as this, you will most certainly not be recommended by an HR+. Those who we look out for are humble and respectful of others.

  • Present yourself professionally by utilizing proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling as you would in a real-life working environment. Of course, it’s acceptable to make mistakes sometimes as you can simply correct them and move on. Remember to always be wearing our uniform (that is automatically given to you when you walk behind the counter) to signify you’re a member of our staff team and uphold a professional appearance!

Training Guide

Coming soon.

Ban Appeal Information

If you have been terminated from Fluxo for any particular reason, you have a chance to redeem yourself and regain access to the group games. This may be done by filling out the form below with detailed answers and sending them to one of our notable SHRs via our official Discord server. If you are not already in it, you may either join with the link above or ask someone else to send it for you.

  1. What were you permanently banned from? (E.g Soda Shop, Discord, Training Center, etc.)

  2. What did you do to make this happen?

  3. Who issued the ban?

  4. What is your username for both Roblox and Discord?

  5. Why are you hoping to regain access here?

  6. Do you promise that you will not repeat the actions you took to get you banned in the first place?

If you end up becoming terminated more than once, there is no guarantee that submitting another appeal will allow you access to that platform again. You can expect to be blacklisted from all Fluxo-related games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Confused about something to do with our group? Find a quick, easy answer here! We have provided a fair amount of questions that get asked quite a lot for your benefit.

Q) What is Fluxo?
A: Fluxo is one of the many café-related companies within the Roblox community that focus on providing a great experience for customers in a roleplay-based game.
Q) How many warnings do we give? A: We issue a total of 3 warnings before calling upon an MR+ to deal with the situation at hand.

Q) Do we have a point system?
A: We use a point system to determine how baristas are promoted. Junior Baristas need a total of 200 points to be promoted to Barista, and Baristas
need 415 to be promoted to Senior Barista.

Q) How do I get the Training Assistant rank?
A: Only Senior Baristas have the opportunity of being promoted to Training Assistant. They can be promoted by a recommendation by an HR+.

Q) Does Fluxo do interviews?
A: We do not do interviews here, instead the way you may get a job here is by applying for Trainee through the Application Center game.

Q) Does Fluxo have a Discord server?
A: We do have a designated public Discord server, which you may find at our Roblox Group Social Links.

Any further questions can be forwarded to a member of Corporate.

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