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:clipboard: Introduction
“Trust the taste, share the tradition.”

Konditori Bakery offers you a beautiful bakery paired with delicious sweets, provided by our amazing team. Konditori is a great place to hang out and make new friends! We strive to provide our customers with the best service possible.

Konditori is always looking for opportunities to coalesce an adept, versed, and proficient community. To do this, we’ve incorporated regulations within our group and Communications Server to ensure everything remains in order. Loopholing, bypassing, or any attempt to get around your banishment is prohibited. This handbook was created to provide you with all of the information that you will need to know about the group. If you need assistance, feel free to contact anyone from our staff team.

:blue_book: Contents

Code of Conduct


To provide our customers with satisfactory service, we require that every community member act diligently and appropriately, regardless of rank. To assure that our community members will act responsibly, we enforce guidelines for all individuals to follow. Failure to follow the Code of Conduct while in Konditori establishments may subject to consequences with moderation.

When you are on our premises, you must act open-minded and respect our rules. We have a large diverse community and we would like to engrave good behavior in every one of our members to ensure that we are all treated equally and properly. You are accountable for your own behavior and remember that you will receive repercussions if you break our guidelines. Maturity not only goes for our staff members but also our guests. Failure to be mature will result in ONE verbal warning. Failure to comply past that will result in your removal from the server. As a Staff Member, you will be given ONE verbal warning, then demoted if your behavior persists.

To keep our community graphically safe, we require that all members dress appropriately on our premises. If you are caught breaking our dress code, you will be dealt with accordingly. As a Staff Member, you are required to wear the uniform at all times. Failure to comply will result in one warning, then a demotion if the issue persists. The following attire is prohibited while on our premises.

  • Graphic/Inappropriate T-Shirts
  • Transparent & See-Through Clothing (Fishnet, Plastic, ETC.)
  • Excessive Skin (EX. Large Midriff, Fully Bare)
  • Torsos may not Contain any Hair, Excluding Extensions.
  • Beachwear/Intimatewear (Bras, Bikinis, Lingerie, Swim Trunks, Underwear)
  • Clothing that Resembles “Troll Clothing”

Konditori requires that all individuals in our jurisdiction, applying to our Communications Server, Training Center, as well as our Bakery. An individual is under obligation to act appropriately and respect all members. This does not only mean direct respect, but respecting our property, guidelines, and our mission. Any user who fails to do so will be given severe repercussions.

Konditori does not allow any form of advertising in its communications server & games. If you are caught doing so, you will be banned immediately. Advertising is as well not allowed on our group wall. Any user caught doing so will face the consequences of their actions.

Exploiting in any of Konditori’s games/establishments will result in an immediate ban from the server. Using lag switches to enhance gameplay, abuse others, or enter restricted areas is not allowed.

Trolling is most definitely not encouraged at Konditori. Any major or minor forms of trolling will result in consequences depending on the severity.

Roblox Community Guidelines
We ask that you abide by Roblox’s Terms of Service and Community Rules. Any violations of any of the guidelines listed will lead to consequences issued not only at Konditori but to your Roblox account. We must maintain a safe and respectful environment for all players to enjoy.

Recipe Guide

Baked Goods

Doughnuts Donut Tray + Donut Dough + Donut Flavor + Oven + Icing + (Toppings) = Donut

Cakepop Tray + Cakepop Dough + Cakepop Sticks + Oven + (Toppings) = Cakepop

Muffin Tray + Muffin Dough + Muffin Flavor + Oven = Muffin

Cupcake Tray + Cupcake Dough + Cupcake Flavor + Oven + Frosting = Cupcake

Cookie Tray + Cookie Dough + Cookie Flavor + Oven = Cookie

Brownie Tray + Brownie Batter + Oven = Brownie

Cake Tray + Cake Batter + Oven = Cake

Macaron Tray + Macaron Batter + Oven = Macarons

Cinnamon Rolls
Cinnamon Roll Tray + Cinnamon Dough + Oven + Frosting = Cinnamon Rolls


Mug + Frappe Machine = Frappé

Mug + Espresso Machine = Espresso

Mug + Latte Machine = Latte

Mug + Cappuccino Machine = Cappuccino

Milk Tea
Mug + Milk Tea Machine = Milk Tea

Matcha Tea
Mug + Matcha Tea Machine = Matcha Tea

Milkshake Cup + Milk + Ice + Flavor + Blender = Milkshake

Alliance Guide


Konditori is always searching for new affiliates across the platform. Although we are always searching for new affiliates, our affiliates still have certain requirements to meet for consideration. If you are interested in allying, your establishment must meet the following requirements.

Affiliate Requirements

  • Obtain over 5,000 members, must not be botted. Exceptions may be taken.
  • Must be in one of the following industries; Food, Salon/Beauty, Clothing, Gameshow, Development/Graphics Studio, Hospitality, Education, etc. We do not consider Military/Clan or troller groups as affiliates.
  • Group must be well organized.
  • Staff must professionally conduct themselves.
  • Your establishment & Owner must have a well-maintained reputation.
  • The business should be active at all times, meaning that the communications server is being interacted with daily.
  • Your business must be willing to announce most of our community events and announcements.
  • The business should not have a bad history and must not be involved in drama.
  • The business must not sell ranks that grant administrative abilities or free rank users.
  • Group cannot have stolen assets or have a history of scamming individuals.

If you do not meet our requirements, unless determined otherwise (exceptions may occur as we see fit), your application will be declined. If you meet our requirements, fill out the application and send it to our Public Relations Department member. Please be sure to send your application within a formal document. Otherwise, your application request will automatically be declined. Your application can take up to 1-2 weeks to be reviewed. If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact a member of our Public Relations.


  1. Please provide the name of your establishment as well as its social links.
  2. How many total members are currently in your group?
  3. Why does your establishment desire to form a partnership with Konditori?
  4. How can your group benefit from this alliance?
  5. How can Konditori benefit from this affiliation?
  6. What makes your group qualified to be a potential ally to Konditori?
  7. Please list two representatives from your group that we can communicate with.
  8. Do you understand that if your group happens to neglect our current requirements that Konditori will have no choice but to terminate our affiliation?
Rank Descriptions


Prominent Customer - ∞

A Prominent Customer is a member of the group. These individuals can apply for the rank Trainee.

Honored Customer - ∞

The individuals under this rank have contributed a lot to Konditori, they have the same permissions as Prominent Customers in Konditori's establishments, however; they are to be treated with valued respect.

Partnership Representative - ∞

Partnership Representatives are individuals selected by our affiliates to represent at Konditori.

Investor - 3

Our investors are a part of the reason Konditori operates smoothly each day, they are to be treated with the utmost respect. This rank is currently unobtainable.


Trainee - ∞

To become a Trainee, you must fill out an application at our Job Center. To rank up from Trainee, you must attend a training session and you will have the option to train for Cashier or Baker.

Cashier - ∞

Cashiers are tasked with taking orders from the Customers and send orders to the kitchen with our ordering system. To obtain the Cashier rank, you must attend a training session.

Baker - ∞

Bakers are tasked with making baked goods with the orders sent from the registers, they will also be in charge of delivering the order to a Customer once it has been finished.

Senior Staff - ∞

Senior Staff is the last rank obtainable through pieces of training. To obtain Senior Staff, the trainee must be a Baker or a Cashier.

Professional - ∞

Individuals in this rank are experienced and they have a potential for the rank Staff Intern. To become a Professional, you must be a Senior Staff and obtain 500 Worker Points. These can be earned by working or buying WP.

Middle Ranks

Staff Intern - 30

The Staff Intern rank is considered as management in training, this is the rank where future management members will undergo an internship process to certify into the Management Team. To obtain this rank, you must work hard as a Professional and undergo our recommendation system.

Bakery Assistant - 40

They ensure efficiency and productivity and perform tasks. They will begin to acquire information regarding Konditori and its regulations.

Supervisor - 25

Supervisors are acknowledged to be adequate management members. This is the rank where you acquire information regarding Konditori and its regulations. Before advancing onto the next rank, Supervisors must obtain the unblemished knowledge of information. They must contribute to daily tasks and display the capability as the first rank to be able to host. They are known for supervising daily operations to make sure day-to-day tasks are being done in an orderly fashion and to ensure our establishment is at a positive outcome.

Assistant Manager - 15

Assistant Managers are responsible for providing guidance and support to Supervisors and below. They ensure that the customer service given to our customers is associated and properly followed throughout each shift or session.

General Manager - 10

As General Managers, they provide guidance and support to individuals. They ensure that the customer service given to our customers is associated and properly followed throughout each shift or session and they are expected to know more about the company.

Administrative Coordinator - 7

Administrative Coordinators are selected elite members of the team that are experienced and has specific responsibilities in regards to operations and management at Konditori. As the future High Ranks of Konditori, they are tasked with the positive representation of the company and can serve as a leader figure to all of the ranks below them.

High Ranks

Board of Executives - 8

As the first rank of the High-Rank team, Board of Executives provides leadership and assistance to all members. They are responsible for assisting in their assigned department with important discussions and overseeing the performance of the group. Players in this rank will be a member of one of the two departments and will gain many more responsibilities.

Communications Officer - 3

A Communications Officer manages community events, works with the allies of Konditori, and keeps our community engaged and safe for all players to enjoy. As superiors of the Communications Department, they possess the responsibility to maintain progressive support for Konditori and its relations.

Employment Officer ​- 3

An Employment Officer systematizes the Middle Ranks practices alongside their department and they must keep track of and address disciplinary consequences, activity, and so on. They assist the staff team with any questions or concerns they may have, meaning that they are responsible to remain active for the department.

Executive Officer - 4

Executive Officers are responsible for working with the Vice Presidents in any case internal operations are needed to be handled. They assist in their assigned department and they are expected to readily present Konditori in the best way possible.

Super Ranks

Vice President - 2

A Vice President is in charge of leading a department, they make sure their departments are performing steadily, they are also a big part of Konditori's daily operations, and give feedback when needed.

President - 2

The President oversees the group as a whole and provides insight for operations.


Co-Owner - 1

A Co-Owner is in charge of assisting the Owner with daily tasks and regards tasks about development.

Owner - 2

Owner of Konditori, the Owner is in charge of making executive decisions.
Training Sessions


Training sessions are crucial to rank up and Konditori hosts multiple sessions each day. These sessions are hosted at different times by members of our Management Team and on some occasions, our Corporate Team. Training sessions are only accessible to Trainees, Cashiers, and Bakers. If you happen to miss one of our sessions, do not worry as there are other sessions hosted throughout the day! Our session times can be located in the Training Center's description and listed below to know more.

Session Times

Monday to Thursday

Session 1: 7 AM ET | 12 PM BST
Session 2: 11 AM ET | 4 PM BST
Session 3: 3 PM ET | 8 PM BST
Session 4: 6 PM ET | 11 PM BST
Session 5: 11 PM ET | 4 AM BST

Friday to Sunday

Session 1: 3 AM ET | 8 AM BST
Session 2: 6 AM ET | 11 AM BST
Session 3: 11 AM ET | 4 PM BST
Session 4: 3 PM ET | 8 PM BST
Session 5: 6 PM ET | 11 PM BST
Session 6: 9 PM ET | 2 AM BST
Session 7: 12 AM ET | 5 AM BST

Session Tips

  • It's recommended you join at least 25 minutes before the session commencement.
  • In order to rank up, you will need to visit our Job Center and get the rank Trainee if you haven't already!
  • You must use proper minimum grammar, conventions, and punctuation throughout the training.

To become a Trainee, you must take a short quiz at our Job Center and pass.

Cashier & Baker
To rank up from Trainee and become a Cashier or a Baker, you must have 50 points to be eligible for your next training session, and if you are eligible, you may attend a training session at our Training Center and pass with at least 3 points. As a Trainee, you will be given two options when attending a training session. To elaborate, you can become a Cashier or a Baker! Although keep in mind that the two ranks have different responsibilities you should consider.

Senior Staff
To rank up from Cashier or Baker to Senior Staff, you must once again attend a training session. Keep in mind that Senior Staff is the last rank obtainable through trainings and you will need 6 points at the Training Center to pass.

To rank up from Senior Staff to Professional, you must obtain 500 points at the bakery. These points can be earned by working or buying.

Becoming a Staff Intern
As a Professional, there are multiple ways to achieve Staff Intern. If you’ve been in your position for so long, it’s easy to assume that a promotion will just eventually come though, unfortunately, it does not operate like that. An individual must understand that Konditori’s management considers so much more from Professionals with certain subject matters.

As a Professional, you are eligible to be recommended for the first management rank of Staff Intern. This rank is not achievable by attending training sessions, and the only way you can get this rank is by working hard and display commendable behavior, or applying once applications for Staff Intern are released in the communications platform. To get recommended, you must show an outstanding work ethic, show constant activity at the bakery, and you must be verified within the communications platform. There are a few other important characteristics we look for in Professionals, such as professionalism, dedication, hard work, excellent grammar, and most importantly leadership skills. You can show leadership skills by helping others at the bakery, for example, if a staff member is not aware of how to make a certain drink, you should be available to help them. Besides, you are required to maintain professional behavior at the bakery at all times, this doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have fun, but you shouldn’t be trolling, not using grammar, etc.

It is recommended that you are active at the bakery if you’re looking forward to achieving Staff Intern, however; you shouldn’t be spending too much time at the bakery. We suggest you spend a decent amount of time that you consider reasonable, overworking won’t make you get recommended quicker, we prefer you be active daily or constantly instead of working too much in one day. Subsequently, please keep in mind any form of hinting is strictly prohibited and you will be demoted if you are caught hinting. It is important to stay unique and one of the worst things a Professional can do is supervise when they should be working or approximately act like an MR.

Ban Appeals


If you were banned from our facilities, you will have the right to appeal. You are required to include any relevant information on your ban situation and what you have done to reverse the fallout of your actions. Please note that simply filing an appeal does not restore regular status within our corporation. Your appeal must go through a multitude of approvals that can take up to 2 weeks before a final decision can be made. For your appeal to be valid, it must be at least 30 days since your ban.

If you are looking to appeal, please answer the following questions and send them to a High Rank.

  1. What is your Roblox username?
  2. Are you banned from our games or blacklisted? If so, please elaborate.
  3. In your opinion, why were you banned?
  4. What can you do to overcome your actions in the past?
  5. How can we trust you in the future?
  6. Do you completely understand that if you are banned again, you will be permanently banned and you will not be allowed back?
  7. Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns that we need to know about?
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a career?

Once you join Konditori, make your way to our Job Center. Proceed to apply and answer the questions listed in the quiz. You must attend a training to begin officially working here at Konditori.

Can I work at Konditori even if I have safe-chat?

Yes, our community is safe-chat friendly and we allow staff members with safe-chat.

How can I support Konditori?

We appreciate donations & investments from our community. However, you may also support us by pursuing a career or dedication to our company!

How can I be a developer?

It is not an option to be a developer for Konditori. Our Owners will approach you if we require developers.

How many warnings are given?

One warning.

What is the order limit?

3 items per customer.

:memo: Conclusion

You have reached the ending of Konditori’s Public Handbook, we thank you for reading! If you happen to find any discrepancies within this handbook, then please contact a Super Rank so the issue can be addressed.

:star2: We hope to see you in our community!

:white_check_mark: Approved by Konditori Super Ranks