Official REx:R Guide

This is a guide for REx:Reincarnated
Written by @killshot1329
Click here for the original guide in google docs. The original is much easier to navigate, so that is recommended.


A guide for World 1 and Subworld 1, with documentation for all worlds’ pickaxes and gears
There is a tl;dr (summary) under each segment if you are too lazy to read.

Preface: What is REx?

I know a decent amount of people join the REx server because they’re worried about the price wall behind this game, so I just wanna give a quick background into what this game is and how it plays.

REx is a “sandbox mining game”, which basically means that the main point of the game is to try and get rare ores. There are still pickaxes and gears to get, but there is no direct time limit on how long it takes a block to break - they break with a single click. What this means is that pickaxes and gears don’t speed up your mining rate, but rather they let you mine more blocks at once for the chance of finding rarer ores.

It’s not your conventional mining game by any means, but I (just a random player) think that it’s the most interesting one I’ve played so far, and I would recommend buying it if you’re on the edge. Alternatively, you could wait until World 2 releases, at which point the game will exit early access and become free for all.

Game Fundamentals

Where to begin

To start playing the game, head over to the mine underneath the giant tree at the center of the map. If you mine, you’ll notice that your pickaxe has no cooldown, at all. You might be asking yourself, “What’s even the point of upgrading my pickaxe then?"

Summary: Go under the tree.

Where are the ores? What are the layers?

If you’re mining for Steel Sickle, you may notice that you can’t find any Emerald or Olivine after a bit. This is because they are in a different layer. You may have noticed the “Teleport to Layers” board at the spawn area. You can use money to teleport to these layers.

Summary: Ores are spread across layers, which you can teleport to with money.

How do I know what layer an ore is in?

There are two ways to figure out which layer an ore is in.

The first is in the game itself, the “?” button at the bottom right. If you click on the button (your leaderboard must be closed to click on it because of GUI ordering), a menu will open. There is also a tutorial here although it kinda sucks tbh. Click on the “Ores” tab, then search for the name of the ore. By clicking on the image of the ore, you can get some information about the ore, like its creator, its depth range, and its rarity.

The second (and much superior) way is to use the spreadsheet for the worlds. This spreadsheet is much easier to navigate than the ? tab, and has a lot more information than it. The spreadsheets for the worlds are linked below.

Hub Sheet (Contains links to all): REx: Reincarnated // Main Sheet

World 1: REx: Reincarnated // World 1

Subworld 1: <N/A>, in progress

World 2: <N/A>

Extra: 100 Rarest Ores Found

Summary: Use the links above or the “?” button in the bottom right.

Bedrock and Inner Core

Between the Mantle and Core layers (the transition from 6999-7001) lies a hard layer of bedrock. You can teleport past this by directly teleporting to Core if you wish, but some recipes, like Big Slammer, require Bedrock. To mine bedrock, you’ll need the Miner’s Mallet or the Big Slammer.

At a depth of 7,500 meters, you’ll find a layer you can’t teleport to, Inner Core. This layer has bedrock spawn at a 1 in 5 chance (about every 5th block you uncover will be a bedrock piece). For this reason, if you ever go there, use the Big Slammer or the Miner’s Mallet, although there is no requirement to go there in the early stages of the game, since the layer at 7,000 meters is a much faster way to get bedrock.

Summary: Use Big Slammer or Miner’s Mallet to mine bedrock at either 7000 meters or in Inner Core from 7,500 to 8,000 meters.

In-Game Chat Commands

The in-game chat has 2 commands that you can use.

/shout: This command toggles visibility of shouts, messages that cost 5 robux for the benefit of all servers being able to see them.

/server: This command shows what server you are connected to, which is the determining factor in your ping.


Servers are incredibly important in determining how your REx experience will be. Servers that are further away from you in the world will have higher ping, which means that the time it takes to break a block will be higher. To see your server, use /server.

These links are to youtube videos, docs won’t let me embed :frowning:

Server 4,000 miles / 6,200 kilometers away

Server 50 miles / 80 kilometers away

Summary: Find a server close to you using /server for the best experience.

What are Ionized and Spectral ores?

Ionized and Spectral ores are rarer versions of normal ores. These ores don’t do anything special, and you cannot use them in crafting. They only serve to create rare ores.

Summary: Rarer versions of ores that you cannot use for anything yet.

How do I get money?

You can get money by selling your ores, but do not sell all your ores. Ores are consumed in pickaxe and gear crafting recipes. Only sell ores you do not need. You can sell ores using the board to the right of the purple trading machine.

Summary: Sell ores using the board, but do not sell all your ores, only the ones you don’t need.

Subworld 1

Subworld 1 is another, smaller, world located at the tree above the mine. You need either 1 Viridian or 1 Adurite to enter. The world itself contains many ores and some pickaxes, 1 of which is in the recommended line of progression for pickaxes.

Summary: Subworld 1 is a smaller mine with pickaxes but not gears.


Transformations are consistent ways to get ores you need. They consume ores from your inventory as well as a small amount of money to create a new ore. Transformations take time, and you must be in the server until it finishes, but if you leave, your ores and money will be refunded. The rarest ore you can transform currently is Trinitum.

Summary: Transformations are consistent ways to get rare ores by spending more common ones and some money.


Why should I upgrade my pickaxe?

Given that the default pickaxe has no cooldown, the only logical way to upgrade a pickaxe is to simply have it mine more blocks, which is exactly what REx does. A list of pickaxes and their abilities can be found in the Pickaxes section.

Summary: Stronger pickaxes break more blocks.

How do I upgrade my pickaxe?

You can upgrade your pickaxe by going to the blacksmith’s shop. You can either walk there, or use the quick teleport at spawn, next to the Layer Teleportation board.

You’ll need to save up ores to get these pickaxes, but if you want to track your progress while in the mines, you can pin the recipe by clicking the pin icon (:pushpin:) in the bottom right, next to the craft button. Once you get the Nostalgic Axe, you can use this to find ores you’ve uncovered, and the 57 Leaf Clover gives you a 4.5x luck boost to these pinned ores.

Summary: Go to the blacksmith.

What order should I get my pickaxes in?

Each pickaxe in the game is useful in its own way. However, some pickaxes are unnecessary in the general order of progression, and are advised to be skipped. The general consensus for pickaxe order is as follows:

Steel Sickle > Miner’s Mallet > Stone Ravager > Big Slammer > Darkstone Pick > Trinity Claymore > 57 Leaf Clover > NilAxe

Note: NilAxe is located in Subworld 1.

What do the pickaxes do?

Each pickaxe has its own unique abilities, listed below. Pickaxes are sorted by world.

Default Pickaxe

  • No abilities (It’s the default pickaxe)

World 1

Steel Sickle [1/10]

  • When mining a block, if any ore touches that block and the ore is not below the block, it is also mined.

Miner’s Mallet [2/10]

  • Upon breaking a block, has a 1/27 chance to mine out a 3x3 cube around the block.

  • Can break bedrock.

Stone Ravager [2/10]

  • When mining any block, one block next to the original block will be mined.

Big Slammer [3/10]

  • Upon breaking a block, has a 1/32 chance to blow up (mine) a 5x5x5 circle.
  • Can break bedrock.

Darkstone Pick [4/10]

  • Every 30 blocks, a diamond is shot out from the pickaxe. When this diamond hits a block, a ring of 10x1x10 blocks is broken in a circular shape.
  • Every 8th occurrence of that event, the ring becomes purple instead of red and mines in an 18x1x18 ring instead.

Trinity Claymore [5/10]

  • Upon mining a block, has a 1/39 chance to fire a mist around you that mines ores. The size varies.
  • Upon mining a block, has a 1/41 chance to shoot a fireball that explodes. This fireball has a radius of 11.5 studs, or very slightly less than 2 blocks (a block is 6 studs).
  • Upon mining a block, has a 1/40 chance to shoot anywhere from 6 to 14 ice cones in a circle around you that mines 2-3 blocks, maybe more or less depending on how physics treats you.
  • If all 3 abilities have been triggered since this beam was last used, mining a block has a 1/13 chance to create a giant pillar of light that mines up to a 4x30x4 area.

57 Leaf Clover [6/10]

  • Triples luck normally.
  • When a recipe is pinned, ores in the recipe are 4.5 times as likely to spawn as normal (this overrides the x3 luck).
  • All caves besides goldstone caves are 2.5x more likely to spawn.
  • Goldstone caves are 100x more likely to spawn, from 1/5700 to 1/57.
  • Bedrock has a 1/2 chance to be replaced with goldstone.
  • Upon mining a block, has a 1/45 chance to shoot out a 3 block wide green slash that mines blocks for 6-15 blocks in the direction it is shot.

Subworld 1

Poly Pickaxe [1/10]

  • Has a 1/2 chance to double any ores you find, excluding ores that make up a layer (Stone, Granite, Moon Mantle, etc.) [This does not include cave bases, meaning those can also be multiplied.]

Legacy Trinity Claymore [3/10]

  • Mines 3 blocks in a random direction
  • Has a 1/3 chance to triple any ores you find, excluding ores that make up a layer (Stone, Granite, Moon Mantle, etc.) [This does not include cave bases, meaning those can also be multiplied]

Nostalgic Axe [5/10 (will be moved to 4/10 soon)]

  • Doubles luck.
  • Upon mining a block, has a 1/48 chance to trigger a ring that mine a 3x3 space, which can then consecutively trigger another ring that mines a space 1 bigger than the last (4x4 from 3x3). [The ring chain usually ends after 3-4 rings]
  • When a recipe is pinned and an Uncommon+ is uncovered, this pickaxe will create a square that marks the position of it on your screen.

NilAxe [6/10]

  • 1.5x luck.
  • Tracks any ores that spawn in at or above Exotic rarity (1/1,000,000+)
  • Automatically mines any ores spawned in a 25 stud radius (slightly more than 4 blocks)
  • Upon mining a block, has a 1/50 chance to shoot 8 orbs on compass diagonals that mine blocks for 6 seconds at a speed of 14.25 studs per second. These orbs do NOT trigger more orb spawns. These orbs also have an explosion when they finish that mines ores in a 3 block radius, although server lag makes this rarely happen. There can be a maximum of 64 orbs at a time from your pickaxe.
    • The Elementonic gear increases the orb limit to 88 when active, and decreases it to 40 on its downtime.

(See the next page for the Gears section.)


What are gears?

Gears are items you can equip along with your pickaxe to give additional boosts. These can be really powerful, but are very hard to craft in response.

Gears have 2 slots, a “coil slot” and a “utility slot”. Coil slots go to coils such as the Acceleratium Coil and the Speed Coil [the Elementonic gear also uses the coil slot]. Utility slots go to all other items, such as the Blazuine Molotov and the Polarium Tunneler.

Summary: Gears are secondary items you can use to mine more.

When should I get my first gear?

The coil gears are very important towards mining ability, and as such you should go for them early, around when you get Stone Ravager. You should also consider getting the Acceleratium or Thundarian coils after Darkstone Pick.

As for the other gears, when you get them is highly subjective on luck, due to most of them requiring Exotics or above (1/1,000,000+). As a rough goal, I would recommend going for Core Frag after Big Slammer, and then going for one utility gear between Nostalgic Axe and 57 Leaf Clover. If you happen to get the main item for a gear, however, then you can start on the gear earlier [This excludes Neptunium Nuke, save your Neptunium for 57 Leaf Clover]. After getting NilAxe, start on Polarium Tunneler and beyond.

Summary: Highly subjective based on experience, but consider: Core Frag after Big Slammer, one utility gear between Nostalgic Axe and 57 Leaf Clover, and Polarium Tunneler past after NilAxe.

What do the gears do?

A list of gear abilities is below.

World 1

This information is from the testing realm, and may not reflect balance changes in the main game.

Flashlight [$1]

  • Provides a light source.

Jump Coil [$80]

  • Increases your jumping ability slightly (JumpHeight 7.2 → Jump Power 35.2)

Speed Coil [$100]

  • Increases your speed slightly (WalkSpeed 32 → WalkSpeed 41)

Core Frag [$150]

  • Has a 1/150 chance to drop a grenade that explodes in a 4x4 sphere.

Thundarian Coil [$500]

  • Increases your speed heavily (WalkSpeed 32 → WalkSpeed 56)
  • Decreases jump power heavily (JumpHeight 7.2-> JumpPower 6.2)
  • Takes 75% of your health away

Acceleratium Coil [$500]

  • Increases your speed heavily, but not as much as Thundarian Coil (WalkSpeed 32 → WalkSpeed 48)
  • Increases jump power heavily (JumpHeight 7.2-> JumpPower 40.2)

Blazuine Molotov [$2,000]

  • Has a 1/115 chance to drop a molotov that explodes in a 4x4 circular diameter.
    • Ores mined by this blast have a 1.4x luck boost.

Accretium Fireball [$2,000]

  • Has a 1/192 chance to throw a fireball in front of you, slightly pointing upwards. When this fireball hits an object, it explodes in a 6x6 sphere.
    • Ores mined by this effect have a 1.2x luck boost.

Temporum Timebomb [$2,000]

  • Explodes, along with every other Timebomb currently dropped, on the minute, every minute.
    • Each timebomb has a 1/150 chance to drop.
    • The explosion is in a 4x4 sphere.

Neptunium Nuke [$7,500]

  • Has a 1/255 chance to explode in a 8x8 sphere (22 studs).

Combustal Clusterbomb [$7,500]

  • Has a 1/165 chance to explode in a 4x4 sphere.
    • The remnants of this explosion (anywhere from 3 to 7 bombs) will fall to the ground and explode in another 4x4 radius.

Erodimium Bomb [$7,500]

  • Has a 1/60 chance to mine a 3×1×1 area in the direction that you face, but the gas from the explosion mines to a 5x5x5 cube (117 blocks).
    • Any blocks uncovered by this bomb have a 10% luck boost.

Suncindium Flashbang [$7,500]

  • Has a 1/90 chance to explode in a 6x6 sphere.
    • 30% luck boost
  • Upon exploding, sets off a very bright flashbang.

Luminatite Lantern [$7,500]

  • Has a 1/80 chance to shoot up to 4 orbs that target Commons, mining ores along the way.
    • When the orbs hit an ore, they mine the ore.
  • Very strong light source

Polarium Tunneler [$20,000]

  • Mines a 3x3 block wide tunnel for ~25 blocks in the direction you are facing
    • Has a 45% luck boost

Cybernetium Radar [$20,000]

  • Tracks all Uncommons+ in a 150 stud radius.
  • Mines any blocks between the rarity of Uncommon and Exotic in a smaller radius.
  • When a cave is spawned, using this gear will slowly strip the cave of all its base material.
    • This ability recharges a minute after the cave is fully stripped.

Candillium Candle [$35,000]

  • Emits light, but less strong than Lumanitite Lantern
  • Removes any special effects from the final layer of the mine (currently only removes Bedrock in the Inner Core)

Elementonic [$35,000]

  • Uses the Coil Slot
  • When activated, increases your movement stats for 35 seconds and makes pickaxe effects and gears 40% more likely to trigger compared to base.
    • WalkSpeed 32 → WalkSpeed 57
    • JumpHeight 7.2-> JumpPower 43.2
    • Health 100 → 200
  • For 20 seconds after activation ends, cripples you and makes pickaxe effects and gears 35% less likely to trigger compared to base
    • WalkSpeed 32 → WalkSpeed 26
    • JumpHeight 7.2 → JumpPower 4.2
    • Health 100 → 90

Lucidium Locator [$35,000]

  • When activated, can do any of the following to an event:
    • Increases event time by 10-15%
    • Decreases event time by 10-15%
    • Decreases ore rarity by 10%
    • End an event
    • If no event is active, start a new one
  • Has a [chance]% per second to recharge
    • The charge on this gear will always refill upon a mine reset.

The Inktorb [$35,000]:

  • Works on a “charge based system”, where when you run out of charges, you have a 1/235 chance to get anywhere from 6 to 10 charges.
    • These charges only refill when you run out of them.
  • Has a 1/45 chance to explode in a 6x6 sphere, consuming a charge in the process
    • Ores mined by this gear have a luck boost dependent on whether the event represents an ore from the Obsidian layer. Event luck boosts are as follows:
      • Sentient Viscera: 2.15x
      • Blazuine: 2x
      • Inkonium: 2.4x
      • All other events: 1.75x

(See the next page for the Caves section.)


I’m sure you know what a cave is, so I’m not gonna explain it to you. In REx, caves are generated using Perlin noise. In other words, I have absolutely ZERO idea on what the precondition is for a cave to spawn or how long a cave will go for. Sorry.

Summary: How are caves generated? IDK

Cave Types

When generating a cave, they can be generated using a specific base ore, like Voidstone, Ice, Reflectistone, or the ultra-rare Goldstone. They may also generate using the normal layer ore. These cave types are sometimes used for recipes.

Summary: Caves can be generated with different bases, which can be used for recipes.

Adjusted Rarity

Certain cave types can change the rarity of an ore in it. For example, Amber is normally 1/1000 in the Stone layer, but in Crystallized Stone caves, they are 1/750. This means that some ores can spawn outside their respective layers through caves.

Summary: Ores that have their rarities changed to spawn in a cave are almost always harder to find than their normal counterparts.

Cave Exclusives

Certain caves (ESPECIALLY in Subworld 1) have certain ores that are completely exclusive to them, meaning you cannot find them unless they happen to generate in the replacement of a normal cave base. Tier rarities for these ores are decided on a case-by-case basis. A full list of cave exclusive ores can be found in the spreadsheets linked to each world, as shown earlier in this document.

(See the next page for Topbar Events.)

Topbar Events

Topbar events are random chance events that decrease the rarity of a specific ore based on the event. No ore is exclusive to a topbar event. Topbar events will end either when:

  1. The ore the event makes more common is found
  2. The timer on the event runs out
  3. Everyone leaves the server
  4. The event is ended with the Lucidium Locator

Topbar events are NEVER italic, if you see an italicized message on the topbar, it means someone in your server has found an extremely rare ore!

Summary: These are special events that reduce the rarity of a certain ore, unless they are italic. (see above)

Topbar Effects

If the base rarity (the rarity before the nerf from the topbar effect is applied) of an ore targeted by the topbar effect is above 1/15,000,000, then a special effect is applied to the mine.

Summary: Events with an ore with a base rarity above 1/15,000,000 will have special effects in the mine for the duration of the event.

(See the next page for Rare Ore Messages.)

Rare Ore Messages

When an ore above 1/90,000 is mined (the ore is at or above the rarity of Surreal), a chat message is displayed with the format, [name] has found [ore].

When an ore above the rarity of 1/1,000,000 (this does not include ionized and spectral ores that were below 1/1,000,000 before the ionized/spectral rarity increase, cave-exclusives work off of comparative rarity) spawns in, an italicized topbar message will display. These messages are visible to everyone in the server. A list of the messages displayed is below.

World 1:

Exotic [1,000,000 - 14,999,999]: A chill goes down your spine….

  • Exotics will play a light boom sound upon spawn.

Transcendent [15,000,000 - 48,999,999]: You hear a ringing in your ears…

  • Transcendents will play a ringing sound upon spawn.

Enigmatic [49,000,000 - 99,999,999]: Your vision begins to blur…

  • Enigmatics will also play a ringing sound upon spawn, but your screen will blur as well.

Unfathomables [100,000,000 - 999,999,999] will all have unique spawn messages. They will all also play a very loud boom sound.

  • Endozivite [247,010,000]: A colossal vortex rips through the air…

  • Inclemetite [386,500,000]: The air thins out as frost begins to accumulate on every inch of your body…

  • Terratomere [213,200,000]: Verdant, glowing blades pierce through the rock around you…

  • Illusory Bubblegram [426,800,050]: You feel your body lighten in the air as all light around you loses its color…

  • Nyctophyte [538,000,000]: The awakening of a terrible beast strikes dread into your heart…

  • Idolium [170,000,000]: Polychromatic lights fly all around you as you slowly lose control…

  • Scribbal [200,000,000]: Fiction takes hold of reality…

  • Dynamo of Fate [750,000,000]: Time comes to a standstill…

  • Chrysallis [800,000,000]: A forgotten entity buried in the center of the earth in an age-long past gains hope as you draw closer…

  • Machina [37,700,000, Etherstone Cave Exclusive]: Divine forces emanate from a heavenly cave…

Zenith tier ores are ores that require special steps and/or preconditions to spawn. Each Zenith tier ore has a linked guide on how to get the ore that you can access by clicking the name of the ore.

  • Zanarchium: An unusual force materializes upon the surface of this world…

As of now, Zanarchium is the only discovered or confirmed Zenith ore.