Official Roblox Dialogue System and Dialogue Editor Beta


Very neat! :+1:
Can’t wait to test it out!


Yeah, I feel like the dialog UI itself could use a little customization. Maybe the creator can insert templates for each thing in Studio.


Hey, everyone, I edited the default interface with some of your feedback. Notably smaller on Console and PC – it should look much better now. Since the plugin is designed to protected your custom interfaces, you’ll have to take a couple more steps than just updating the plugin.

To get the new default interface:

  1. Update the plugin.
  2. If you’ve started creating your own custom interface, back it up.
  3. Select ReplicatedStorage.RobloxDialogue.Interfaces and delete it.
  4. Select ReplicatedStorage.RobloxDialogue.ClientInterface and delete it.
  5. Click the reinstall scripts button.

Voila! You now have the most up-to-date Default interface. I’ll be writing a tutorial soon on how to create your own custom interface. If you’re too curious, read the code inside ReplicatedStorage.RobloxDialogue.Interfaces.InterfaceTemplate.Interface – it’s self-documented and you can make pretty much anything with it. Here’s an example from our very own @GollyGreg:


This is amazing! Can’t wait to see more dynamic dialogue in games now.



I’ve been struggling with the current one for the last few days


Please let me know how this new one works out for you! :slight_smile:


Will this be officially integrated into Studio beyond as a plugin?


Potentially when it’s out of beta. :slight_smile:


It’s great, but is there a way to zoom out or pan the editor? With my resolution I can only fit about 10 boxes on the screen.


Not just billboards

There was a fix that lasted a few hours a while ago but afaik it hasn’t been added back.


Yes, holding middle mouse click and moving the mouse (like in most 2D editors) will pan the camera.


Can’t Wait to try this out!


Did y’all need a tutorial to know how to use this thing? Because I just wrote one. Give it a shot!


I can’t wait to test this super cool new feature that I totally have never used before. Thanks David!


My studio stopped responding when I clicked the Dialogue Editor button after using Play Solo.
It starts to respond again after a couple of minutes.

Otherwise, very nice! Can’t wait until this gets released.


Has an abstract interface, allowing you to customise the look and behavior of the client-side however you like

Does this mean it will be customisable (the way you said it was a confusing for me)? I will probably use it but the style doesn’t my game’s style.


That’s strange… what OS are you running? Specs? Is the place huge? I can’t imagine why this might be happening.

And, yes, the UI will be totally 110% customizable.



I’m using Windows 10 with a six-core 3.5GHz AMD processor and 8GB RAM.

The place isn’t large but it has around 15 NPCs and around 20 multi-mesh trees.
Probably smaller than the demo place.


I would like to go ahead and start customizing that theme now actually lol, so it’s prettier and easier on the eyes so people will use it more.


So it IS real. I’m going to love this, I can forsee that. Cheers to the new system.


How did you do the bending arrows? Many individual frames?