Official rules of sunset for friends

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Group link: sunset airline and hotels - Roblox
This post will explain the basic rules of our group
Basic Rules:

  1. No being rude to staff
  2. No admin abuse
  3. Respect all ranks at all times
  4. Listen to high ranks and super high ranks at all times
  5. No advertising
    That is all the rules.
    Other useful topics:
    Info about sunset for friends: Infomation about sunset for friends
    Staff Duties for staff in our group: Staff Duties for staff in the group sunset for friends

We also have rules for developers:

Rules for group developers ONLY
  1. Do not leak our games, this includes the myPod game.
  2. Always ask for permission from a higher rank or the owner before making a big change to one of our games.
  3. Respect all high ranks and the owner at all times