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Welcome to Vaillante - Vaillante’s mission is to bring French cuisine to Roblox and serve our customers delicious pastries and exquisite beverages while they enjoy a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Our team strives to bring you the finest quality ingredients and delicious flavors.

This page was intended to provide access to frequently asked questions and information. Please review the entirety of this page before reaching out to a staff member. If you have any other questions that aren’t answered in this handbook or need more information, please contact us.

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Informative Sections

Rank Descriptions

Valued Customer

Valued Customers are of great importance. They’re the foundation of this group. Without them, the group couldn’t be possible. They can be served at the Café by our baristas.

Affiliate Representatives

Affiliate Representatives are not employees and have no special privileges compared to Valued Customers. This position serves only to display our partnered representatives in our facilities.

Noted Customers

Noted Customers are individuals who have made significant contributions to Vaillante. Typically, High Ranks who resign receive this rank. You cannot apply for this position.


Trainees are new employees who successfully passed the test. They are unable to work at this time. They must attend and pass a training in order to work at the registers!

Junior Barista

Junior Barista is the first addition to the team. They learned the basics of barista and are now prepared to work behind a register!


Barista is a slightly more experienced than juniors. Typically, they know the recipes, knows their way around the kitchen, and communicate efficiently with customers!

Senior Barista

Senior Baristas are the most experienced baristas. They are experienced with the recipes and protocols, communication with customers, and they’re ready to help fellow co-workers with any questions!

Staff Assistant

Staff Assistant is the first rank that can moderate the game. They demonstrated their hard work and activity and are ready to advance. Staff Assistants are tasked with enforcing the game rules, assisting in training, and answering any questions.


Supervisors are experienced staff members who have proven they know the basics of the Staff Assistant rank. They can now train employees.

Assistant Managers

Assistant Managers have the responsibility of overseeing and monitoring the game and have the opportunity to host shifts and training.

General Managers

General Manager is the last middle rank. They have the same permissions as Assistant Managers. Although they’re not any different from Assistant Managers, they serve as an example to junior staff members. Furthermore, they can apply for a department and continue advancing in their career.

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistants are the first addition to the High Ranking team. Furthermore, they are given additional privileges to mediate problematic situations at Vaillante.

Executive Director

Executive Directors have gained experience over time. This rank can act as a mentor for all ranks below it, unlock additional privileges such as processing appeals, and promote new members to the Staff Assistant role.

Chief Staff Officer

Chief Staff Officers have the authority to lead all ranks. They are accountable for training and supervising staff employees. Chief Staff Officers also handles promotions and demotions or consequences within the staff team.

Vice President

Vice President unlocks further permissions. They’re responsible for making sure that all other members of the Leadership Team are working properly and performing their duties to the best of their abilities, as well as choosing new Chief Staff Officers. The Vice President works as a team with the President.


President is the latest leadership rank. They’re in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly at Vaillante. They unlock all permissions and can approve suggestions and change policies. Reports to the Chairman directly.


The owner of Vaillante.

Training Session Times
  • 05:00 AM ET
  • 08:00 AM ET
  • 11:00 AM ET
  • 2:00 PM ET
  • 5:00 PM ET
  • 8:00 PM ET
  • 11:00 PM ET

You can convert these times into your time zone via an online time zone converter!


Trainee - Senior Barista

You must participate in and successfully complete three training sessions in order to advance from trainee to senior barista.

Senior Barista - Staff Assistant

Through effort, commitment, and activity, you can advance to the position of staff assistant! At Vaillante, you will need to show that you are capable of moving forward with your journey.

We consider individuals who assist their coworkers, contribute to and foster a friendly workplace, and take pleasure in their work!

Keep in mind that your chances of getting promoted will be significantly reduced if you hint, ask for promotions, or act as an MR. And if necessary, we might even demote you.


At Vaillante, we place a high value on our affiliates, and by adding new affiliates, we hope to expand our community even further! We will work together as an alliance to offer our members entertaining events, game nights, and other similar activities!

Furthermore, our Relations Team will strive to contribute towards beneficial and supportive growth between both communities, and the alliance itself.

All potential affiliates must meet a set of criteria before we consider them for a partnership. Please review the requirements below:

· Positive history and safe for work.
· Well-maintained community.
· 1,000+ Group members.Do NOT include bots.
· Some levels of activity in your community.
· Has a Discord server.
· At least one Affiliate representative.
· Willingness to collaborate on affiliate events.

Please note, requirements are subject to change. Pre-existing alliances will be informed by our Relations Team of any change. All alliances are expected to meet and maintain the requirements, regardless of any change. (Exceptions will be considered case-by-case).

We reserve the right to terminate the alliance if we find that you no longer meet the aforementioned requirements.

If you meet these requirements, please join the communications and open a Staff Management ticket!

Game Rules

Vaillante Rules and Guidelines

  • Roblox Terms of Service and Community Standards

Our staff team enforces the Roblox Community Standards and Terms of Service. If we find that you do not comply, you will be at risk of moderation action in all Vaillantes’ facilities, and your roblox account.

  • Exploiting

We will moderate any exploiting (such as no-clipping, flying, etc.) as well as any advantages provided by third-party software. You will be subject to a permanent ban from using any of Vaillante’s facilities if we determine that you do not comply.

  • Trolling

It is forbidden to bother people or send offensive messages in an effort to attract attention, ruin others’ experiences, or antagonize up people.

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