Official_DevFrancais [GFX Designer/Builder/French Translator] Portofilio! (FOR HIRE)

-----------------------------------Official_DevFrancais Portfolio---------------------------------------------

Howdy ! My name is Official_DevFrancais I have 13+ Years old and I live in France. I own a Expedition Group nammed “WorldPoints Expeditions”. I recently learn the GFX. I build since a long time (With other accounts). I’m GFX’ing since not so long ! I’m sepcialized in Mountaineering Buildings/GFX But i really love make Others GFX. I use Blender and Roblox Studio for my GFX And some others engines ! !!!

I do a lot of GFX On my Developer Career. Here somes GFX I did:

Here some builds/models I did alone. I will never steal models. It’s out of my Developer Valors !. [NOTE: The Skis images are from my game. Credits to @hockeyfan0168 for doing some snowboard who will come out soon !]
@Official_DevFrancais and @hockeyfan0168 Ski Resort:

WorldPoints Expeditions Training Facility:

Steel path for Hike/Expeditions:

Overhang Expeditions Tent (Credit to @Pxlarise/DOD Of Overhang)

Here the prices i accept:
GAME LOGO: 100+ Robux
MODEL: 100/200+ (depends on size)
You can contact me on Discord: Official_DevFrancais#6655
------------------------I hope you like my work. See ya ;)---------------------------------------

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How much do you do those expedition training centers for? (Just trying to get a basic idea of your robux pricing.)

Well I can do it for 700+ Robux