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There are many games on ROBLOX, however, game developers aren’t able to use offline games. I believe if we added some sort of locked game feature where they can download a ROBLOX game to play without an internet connection but not be able to edit the game this would make applications possible on ROBLOX such as mobile applications and more. Minigames could be playable on your tablet or phone and puzzle games could be played that have been created by ROBLOX developers. This would allow for purchased games and other similar ideas that could branch off of this.

I’m not sure how you would make it so they cannot edit the game, that would be up to ROBLOX to work out if they consider this feature.

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It sounds good on paper, but how many of those games in your screenshot would actually be used offline? I can’t find a single one that would be remotely fun without other people in the server. Maybe BrickBronze would work (but if you aren’t playing with other people then you may as well play a real pokemon game). Many of them are completely unplayable without other people. Also, how do developers sell you things and award badges if you aren’t connected to the internet?


No game sells you anything when you’re offline. Just because a game is playable without a connection, doesn’t mean you have to play it without a connection. You can buy stuff when you’re online and with api to save data to a mobile device a lot could be pulled of.

If it was possible, even if it took a lot of effort, I’m sure many developers would invest in it. The biggest limitation of the ROBLOX mobile app is that it requires a constant and strong internet connection. There’s a huge market for offline games.

Could you possibly rephrase the title to be a bit more descriptive of your idea?


Why would I make a game where I can’t prompt people with purchases?

What’s the return on the investment? You can’t get popularity or money from these games, so why make them?

There are plenty of mobile games that can be played offline but have a premium currency or features you can buy when you do have an internet connection.

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You could simply offer the same rewards for currency that they can purchase when connected online. If you had a currency that they could pre-buy they would have no worries about purchasing items & in-game features. This would allow developers to get money and the user to have money to spend on the game beforehand.

That was just to make the post look a little bit more interesting than just a block of text. Just photo manipulation. We cannot speak about how well a market will do if it’s not tested fully. You can see apple’s app store and the games do incredibly well on there so a similar idea could work for games like I have suggested.

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I love this idea, but it would probably be too great of a rework of how ROBLOX works to be viable for the next few years (unfortunately).

It would also mean that games would permanently be in a sort of ‘test mode’
Either the client would have to have a mini server installed on them (uh oh) or have the client = server (hence, most large games wouldn’t be compatible by default)

So yeah, would be one of the best features ever, but practically an unlikely feature.

Actually, a huge deterrent to me caring at all about making mobile games is the fact that ROBLOX needs an internet connection all the time. I only really make games I want to play, and there’s very few always-online mobile game concepts I care about and even fewer I feel capable of making.

So to speak, I like this idea.