[OFFSALE] Script Class Editor - Save your time while scripting!

I decided to put plugin offsale due to realisation that it may slowdown beginner scripters skills improvement. If you wondering why look in replies.

Hello! So probably a lot of you guys had this situation:

  • Created (for example) a gun tool with local script as client core and module script as gun properties
  • You created 10+ guns where all you changed is a module script
  • And then you notice a bug in a local script which means you need to change 10+ local scripts

And so, I created this plugin so you could edit multiple scripts/local scripts with same name and source at once!

How do I use it?

It’s really simple. First off you need to install plugin after what go to plugins tab where you must find these 2 buttons:

Let’s go other Toggle Gui button. When you click it, this widget will pop up:

Its better to wait when in output will be printed List updated before starting working.

The widget will be filled with a script/local script if there at least 2 or more scripts/local scripts with same source and name! It must look something like that:

After what when you want to edit a certain group of scripts, click on Edit button. Clicking it you will be transferred to script/local script which is a clone of choosen script group.

And then you can type in a changes you needed in there. When you will be done you can close script editor and click Apply Edits button. When plugin will update source for all scripts it will print in output Applied. And that’s it! You updated a group of similar scripts at once! Easy, right?
Well now let’s go to other features.

I think you already noticed this topbar:

There are 2 filters: Scripts and LocalScripts. Disabling one of them will hide all scripts of that class.
The Search text box obviously let’s you find show you scripts that’s name matched with text inside Search.


Now let’s get to Settings button!
Clicking it will pop up this widget:
Currently there only 2 settings. I will be trying to add more features to the plugin.

if Warning when Applying Edits is set to true, then everytime you want to apply edits to script this window will pop up:
Here you can choose, apply or not edits.

If Apply Edits after Closing set to true, it will apply edits to your group of scripts everytime you close script editor.


That’s it! I hope this plugin will be helpful for you. If you have any suggestions or found a bug, please DM me with that. Bye!


Omg Alex, Life saver. I always had to do that! thank you so much

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Like @niceeadam said, you really are a lifesaver, roblox should implement this into roblox studio itself

Thats all i have to say


While I appreciate the time you took to develop this plugin, I kinda disagree with the purpose of it. This kind of stuff encourage some bad programming practices. Why would you need to put a modulescript in every gun module? Just use attributes and make the modulescript the handler of the guns in the replicatedstorage.


While this was addressed by @TooRetrofied’s post, the reason why this isn’t a good solution wasn’t thoroughly explained.

This is a band-aid solution to a structural problem, which, otherwise, would’ve been fixed by using an unified system to automatically handle all weapons.

This practice is highly advised against for multiple reasons, including maintanability and organization.

I would highly advise you to look into the concept of collection service, singletons, and modularization.

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The gun thing was an example. There may be any other situations.
If you would need have like 50+ properties in 1 gun (like FE gun), then i’m afraid that using attributes wouldnt be a good idea.
Sadly the encourage is true.

If you have multiple scripts with the same source you doing something wrong.

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Not too sure why you would need a 50+ properties in a single gun, but even then, if you are changing these 50 props in all of the guns a lot, then you are probably doing it wrong.

These situations happen because of bad practices. If you have multiple scripts with the same source, why wouldn’t you use a modulescript?

No, you don’t. That’s just poor structuring.


local function Gun(props)


return Gun

oh uh dont mind me :slight_smile:

This won’t be useful for me, since I have a script giver that will give one script to multiple models that need it.

Also did you hear about packages?

Anyways, I do think this is a good idea.