Offsetting the head of a rig with perfect scale?

I tried to search for a way to move the head of a character slightly up, but haven’t figured out a solution yet that works with scaling.

This is the boy rig that I had before adding a neck and making some adjustments to the body parts:


This is the rig now:


The problem is I’m not sure how to go about actually moving the head up in-game without it not scaling properly. After moving the head slightly up to expose the neck, trying to scale the rig below 1 will keep the head too far above the neck and scaling it above 1 will have the head too far into the torso. Does anyone know a way to fix this issue, if possible? (scaling it below 1) (scaling it above 1)


Well, how are you placing the neck currently? I believe the problem is caused by the placement of the neck which is not being scaled along the torso causing the placement to be the same causing the unintended effects which can be resolved by including the .Size property of the torso in the neck calculations.

The neck part is actually just an Accessory with an attachment inside called ‘NeckAttachment’. I used a rig editor plugin to edit the Head joint and move it up a bit. I’m guessing this is what’s causing the displacement but the scaling is done internally by the Humanoid and I don’t think there’s any way to fork it unless I make my own custom scaling system.

Well then I believe you just need to add a custom scaling according to the .Size of the torso for the following objects.

  1. C0 CFrame position of the Head Motor6d

  2. Attachment position

Moreover, you can make the scaling automatically run when the size property of the torso event is changed via the .GetPropertyChangedSignal event.