Offsite/Onsite Programmer, 3D Designer, Artist. COMMISSION TYPE | Status: CLOSED


  1. This article is meant to cover my services and abilities.
  2. I am not selling any of the assets listed in example part, they are EXAMPLES, of my services.
  3. If you wish to contact me personally, please read the Contact part of the post!
  4. I AM NOT looking for a full time jobs, only a commission-type developer.

About CherryMolotov

Hello, my name is Maciej! Often, people call me Cherry due to my username, though.
So… what can i do? Let’s begin listing the abilities!

I can program an entire offsite discord bot, whether it’s an info bot, moderation bot, or whatever else you wish for me to create, it’s possible and fully customizable and up to you!
I have in the past, made info bots that were linked to roblox games, which sent data to the bot that the bot used and displayed to users searching for it. (Visible in “A small look at my assets and abilities” section!)

When it comes to Discord bots specifically, I am also able to write bots that award users with Discord roles for progression in the game after verifying inside of the bot itself first.

I am able to design icons, draw icons, thumbnails, and so on.

I can, and is a part of my job to commit to 3D designing objects, concepts for animals/pets for games as well as weapons, and such.

List of current achievements

  • Twitter post containing Bubble Gum Simulator fanart made by me, retweeted by owner of the game: ObscureEntity. (Cannot link, due to my twitter account being down due to private reasons.)
  • Made an entire game titled HatchVerse! by myself (Currently under UI re-design.)
  • Programmed an entire game/economy Discord bot within 2 weeks by myself.

A small look at my assets and abilities

First, to get this section started, you can view an entire game I made by myself here that I am currently working on still, so if you are unsure whether to hire me, you can take your time and see how my game rolls and decide for yourself! :slight_smile:

Examples of my programming previous work

Keep in mind: This bot is connected to the game linked above, meaning the pet data is always up to date and never has to be edited inside the bot itself!

Another big example would be the game i made that is in fact linked above, all programming is made by me.

Not convinced yet? I made two entire Discord economy/game bots within 2 weeks on my own!

Examples of my 3D Designs

Of course, I can make way more, but cube pets are mostly what i’ve been playing around with lately!

I can do different styles as well, here are some of my ‘Pet Simulator 2 Imitaiton Models’


Examples of my Art

One of my biggest achievements so far, would be getting a retweet on twitter from one of the more known developers on our platform, who goes by the username of ObscureEntity: (Post taken down due to account being locked! Hope you understand :slight_smile:)
Keep in mind: I mostly do black and white drawings, but I can do colored ones too, with both: Cartoony and rather more ‘realistic’ shading. (Second prefered.)

Information about availability

Time zone: Central European Timezone
Available at:
Weekends (Around) 14:00 ~ 0:00
Middle of the week due to the current pandemic around the globe, my weekday schedules are messed up and unsure. But currently, it stays around the same as weekend spans.

Payment information

Prices are freely negotiable and flexible, I am not the one setting prices, you are the one setting offers after all!
I will demand higher payment depending on the complexity of your request, there is no current price range i’ve set, as I am gonna set it at a later date based off what people offer.



You can contact me via Discord: Maciej#9531, My Game’s Community Server or Twitter at @MaciejRBLX

Thank you so much for taking your time and read this post, I hope you found it informative about me and made you interested into my work and services, this is my first post of this type.
Also my first actual proper post as i venture into this platform’s vast creative madness created by other amazing and inspiring users, so glad to join this platform full on! :heart:

Other developers I recommend

  • @Landon_Scripts : Lua Programmer + Offsite Backend/Frontend Programmer
  • @cocox2 : Offsite Programmer — Has taught me a lot in the past!
  • @UhSpark : 3D Modeler

Great Developer to work with and overall a great person, would recommend commissioning from them.