Offworld Productions | Looking for a Builder for an FPS game!


About Us

We are Offworld Productions! A Team Owned by EnDarkWolf and MartinKhan. We are a Dev Team not only trying but creating the most fun as possible games that are Off of this World!

What we need

We are looking for Builders to help us Build the maps for our FPS game.

The Team

Owner - @EnDarkWolf
Owner - @MartinKhan
Modeler - @Foridex (Non DevForum Member)
Builder - @BlossomLycoris
Builder - Vacant
Scripter - @Saber_Art
GUI - @NavigationBar (Non devForum Member)


However we do have a Budget, most of that is for Advertisements. We can pay every now and then but don’t expect pay very often. Most of everyone on the team isn’t expecting pay until they can. We aren’t a money greedy team and even the owners don’t get payed as much as developers, we will discuss the payment situation in Percentages at Alpha release. Or if you want upfront pay at that point and on. I’d say from a range of 10,000-20,000 per map once released.

Contact Info

You can message us through EnDarkWolf
Discord - @EnDark#8707
Twitter - @EnDarkOfficial


I’m interested. (Discord: Pixel#0005)

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If the owners aren’t contributing to the development team, and the payment will be from game profits after it is finished, then what is to stop the development team from doing it without the owners? Point is in order for a development group with owners to be fair, you should give some form of upfront payment (I might be misunderstanding the post and what you meant by payment, if that is the case, then I apologize).

Furthermore, when developers are looking to conduct business they generally look at the payment. My reccomendation would be to give at least a price range of whatever type of payment you choose, as that will draw a lot more skilled developers in (depending on if the price is fair or not).


No the Owners such as me and Martin are contributing, I’m a Modeler and he’s a Builder. I’m just saying we as Owners don’t make as much as the developers do. Also yeah thank you for the tips, just got to new member today but I have been deving for a long time, joined the forum Feb 18 of last year and finally became a member.


Sure, I’ll think about it. DM me via Disc.
Scythe Slaying


most definatly i’m not looking for much pay by the way i’m just looking for recognition in the developer community so please dm me (discord : skybuilder #3612

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