Oha Resort - Code Of Conduct


Code Of Conduct

Last Updated: 18/12/19

Hotel Guests
  • 1A. Always make sure you are kind, respectful to other people, this includes staff, hotel guests and other important people.

  • 2A. Hotel Guests should never troll, trolling is a common thing that people do, we do not accept trolls.

  • 3A. Do not offend others, be racist or make them be worried, we will track you down if this happens.

  • 4A. Spamming is not permitted here, this makes us unprofessional by raiding our chat with useless words.

  • 5A. Make sure to follow orders given by a HR/MR, this also includes LRs for guests.

Staff Members
  • 1C. Always use grammar, this includes at shifts, trainings and interviews. We want to be professional not a pile of un experienced people.

  • 2C. Make sure you’re nice to hotel guests and MRs/HRs, we are a family not an enemy.

  • 3C. Take an advantage on working with us.

  • 4C. Do not troll whilst working at the hotel, this includes by working at the desk.

  • 5C. Do not lie about something, many people had done it in the past, some got ended up by being fired.

  • 6C. Respect all high ranks.

The further rules will be the important ones, the categories are serious stated and generally will end up in a perm ban from all of our games.

  • 1D : Do NOT exploit within the hotel, this includes to everybody here with us, if you get caught you will be perm-banned from all of our games, including Spear’s.

  • 2D : Do not threaten/cyber bully people and make them seriously worried, we will tackle them easily and will be perm banned and banned from our discord server.

  • 3D : Under no circumstances should staff AA in our games, this includes abusing certain commands such as :fly, any AA spotted will be demoted and perm banned. Hotel Guests also can somehow get commands, if so they will be forbidden to enter the hotel again.

  • 5D : HRs should never free rank people, this causes a massive attack by the number of free ranked people.

  • 6D: Hacking into people’s account is a massive impact on a staff member. If we hear someone had hacked into an account they will be perm banned from every single connected game with Oha.