Oha Resort - Ranks Explained


Ranks Explained:

In Oha and other resort groups, there is are ranks. These ranks allows specific individuals to take command over the rest of the group to ensure people are doing what they are meant to be doing as smoothly as possible.

NR Ranks

Resort Guest:
A precious guest who is welcomed to visit the hotel at any time!

Someone who applied to the application centre and is being checked.

Awaiting Training
A trainee who is waiting for trainings and soon a staff member.

LR Ranks

A staff member he cleans rooms if the player asks to.

Someone who gives out snacks and handles the cafe.

A staff member who protects the hotel by dealing with trollers, exploiters, spammers. They have the ability to cuff people as well.

A staff member who is in charge of checking in people to rooms, helping them etc.

MR Ranks

Head Receptionist:
Incharge of reception.

Head Security:
Incharge of security at the hotel.

Head of Services:
Incharge of the heads and incharge of LRs making sure they do what they are meant to be doing.

Over looks staff members and deals with trollers.

HR Ranks

Resort Manager:
A staff member who supervises MR. Co host trainings also.

Shift Manager:
Host training, supervise, discuss plans and other related situations.

Head of Supervision:
Can promote people, also can oversee trainings and supervise everybody.

Relations Officer:
Incharge of alias, enemies, friendships, oversee, rank and much more, a very well rewarded rank.

The president of the group. They manage possibly everything. This is the last rank which can be earned.

SHR Ranks

Board of Directors:
This is very rare to achieve and is given to only a few. As Board of Directors you are being trusted by the Chairman as this rank has the perms to manage group roles etc.Even if you are the best President, you may become mod in the server, but won’t come to this.

The vice of the group. So if anything happens to the Chairman he will take over. This as well is not earned. The ranked bots are held in this rank.

Official founder and chairman of the group.

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