Okay, Loadlibrary

I’ve been searching through the old LoadLibrary function, and seemingly,

I am unable to uncover anything in RbxUtility that is related to coroutine.yield(),

I’m looking for a way to use getfenv(getmetatable(loadlibrary"rbxutility".create).__call),

since back when this worked I turned it into a variable, and did


(var being the getfenv.)

Can someone please tell me how i can replicate this without LoadLibrary since its now deprecated.

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(all answers are appreciated)

word count!!

Sry if im dumb but what does that do exactly?

It was a function from 2019 that allowed players to create objects. Im trying to figure out how i can use the environment to use var.coroutine.yield(), and, as i said, var being the getfenv.

(If you cant fully understand this please ask someone who will understand to refer to this post for me, ty!)

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Do you mean like spawning new threads? And i dont think i have anyone to help you

What im trying to do is make a script environment

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So kind of

word count!!!

I still dont get it im just dumb ;-; ill leave it for the smarter people

Well nobodies really gonna respond to this so, this is kind of a lost cause.
Thanks for trying though

(this aged well cause now someones responding again)

If i could just understand i could have been able to help, someone will eventually come so dont loose hope!

If I recall correctly from what I’ve heard, you were never supposed to be able to do this and it has been patched for a while now.

Its not though.

word count!!!

From last i checked this still works

I think im understanding now, Should i attempt to create a coroutine with this and then yield it or no?

Would something like this work…?


Im still not entirely sure what you’re trying to achieve, you said “create objects”. What kind of object are you trying to create that gives you benefit over the traditional OOP paradigm or am I misunderstanding the purpose?

Additionally, getfenv and setfenv are deprecated in Luau.

No way they actually deprecated getfenv?? Damn.

Okay let me explain further, im trying to create a script environment

(thats really all i gotta say)

Sure, but why exactly would you want to create a new script environment?

Oh, i’m going to figure this out to remove the possibility of sandbox bypasses for one of my games sandboxed script loader command.

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