Okwo looking for developers!

Hello developers!
We have just ran applications to the Okwo Team for staff. We look for creative and awesome people, who will perfectly fill our team!

What is Okwo?
Okwo is multipurpose Discord bot for Roblox developers. It supports managing your discord guild counting creating your own commands. It also supports other features not related with Discord such as cross-server and verification. We will be shipping soon updates for Roblox webapi and other helpful possibilities.

Who do we look for?

  • Project Manager - Person, which will manage Okwo works and help us bringing it awesome.
  • Graphical Designer - Person, to project design of thumbnails for our products.
  • Wiki Writers - People, who will documentate Okwo api and eventually write some tutorials.
  • Video Tutorial Creator - Person, which will bring Okwo into video world of creativity.
  • Partners - People, who own servers with +250 members and looking forward to receive some goods from us and cooperate.

Past projects and achievements

What we offer

  • Good community.
  • Robux per goals or % revenue.
  • Exclusive staff features.



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This is very cool, I like seeing a diverse set of work on the 'forums now-a-days!

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey, this sounds great.

Although I probably won’t be able to help you with this, I applaud this idea. Very cool!

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