Old 2007 animation script is broken

I am attempting to get a working script for 2007 animations, and I think I found one that would work but unfortunately something seems to be stopping it from working correctly.

There are no errors, it just simply doesn’t animate the character correctly. Any ideas as to why it’s broken and how to fix it? Here is the script: function waitForChild(parent, childName) local child = parent:findFirstChild(c - Pastebin.com

Also due to the age of the script, I’m aware that it uses a ton of deprecated features. Perhaps this could be the issue, but it’ll take me a while to replace all the deprecated parts.


Even if you could get these animations to work, but maybe instead of using 13 year old animations, you could try to make brand new ones?

I want it to feel as close to the old ones as possible, and I’m not very good at animating.

If you have any footage or memory of this old animation, you should try using it and make a new animation that looks very similar to it. If the animation is from 2007, it shouldn’t be that hard to make it.