(OLD) ACE Scanner (Virus Destroyer)

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a safe and game-friendly virus remover. I was inspired to create this after seeing so many new fake and virus infected plugins and models. Let me tell you the specifics of this plugin:

ACE Scanner looks in every service for commonly found viruses. It even searches scripts of all kinds (including the ones that are very sneaky) for viruses. If something has a child, it checks if the child is or has a virus.

There is an auto-destroy feature of which you can toggle whether or not you want the potential viruses to be automatically deleted or put into a folder for you to do whatever you wish with it.

Whenever a virus is deleted, it prints in the output the name of the virus that was deleted. Whenever a virus is moved to the folder, it prints the name and where it was moved too.

I suggest if you use this plugin, to set auto-destroy to off.

The link to the plugin: ACE Scanner - Roblox

Thanks for reading! :grinning:


What makes this better than other anti-viruses? All this currently seems to detect is virus names, which there is only 24 of.
And no, it doesn’t look for viruses in every service, only these.

	local services = {
	[1] = "Workspace",
	[2] = "Lighting",
	[3] = "ReplicatedFirst",
	[4] = "ReplicatedStorage",
	[5] = "ServerScriptService",
	[6] = "ServerStorage",
	[7] = "StarterGui",
	[8] = "StarterPack",
		[9] = "SoundService",
		[10] = "Chat"
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