[OLD] [CLOSED] Portfolio Abhay108

Closed! Thanks to anyone to viewed my portfolio


Don’t trust this guy, he stole all my friend’s development studio’s assets. This person can not be trusted and we have supple evidence to back up our claim. Again, this is a scam. Well that’s what we have to assume after he decided to completely ditch our team.


Do not buy or give access to your game

This user was hired and simply went in studio, downloaded all worlds and is now reselling the models. Nevertheless, he added a backdoor that executes code on the server-side. Do not hire this “scripter” as he has no real knowledge and only copied and pasted devforum users’ work and changed the variables.


Do not buy/hire him. He is a scammer that steals assets, Bet he stole everything in the pictures, and doesn’t know how to script.

Excuse me? What? I left your studio because I got a better offer. The game was barely started. I was told it was “40% complete” when in reality the menu UI was the only thing complete. There was no backend or game file downloaded since there was nothing to download or resell. DM me on discord if you want a further explanation on why I left.

I would like to see this evidence. It seems like you are attacking me since I left your development studio. Like I stated earlier, I was told this game was “40% complete” and when I entered to edit this game, the only thing really done was a main menu UI design. DM me on discord with this “evidence”.